All Pure widgets now available on AndroidPit alternative Market ! [PayPal]

You always wanted Pure widgets but you don’t have credit cards or you have issues with Google Android Market ?
AndroidPit market is now here for you !

You can purchase all my applications on AndroidPit Market, and on this market, you can use your PayPal account to pay.
It also accepts vouchers, and ClickandBuy.

How does it works ?
All informations are available here :

12 thoughts on “All Pure widgets now available on AndroidPit alternative Market ! [PayPal]

  1. Dear Sir

    I am using Pocket Informant, it would be great if Oure Calendar can show task of Pocket Informant.

    Your supporter

  2. If one would buy your apps through AndroidPIT, does one get the updates as well? In the past one would not get updates if purchased through paypal. Just wondering before I buy.

  3. Oh THANK YOU for this! Jeez… I just spent an hour going back and forth with Google Checkout and just couldn’t download Pure Calendar because when clicked the Buy button, my device is grayed out. Paypal is still way better. Thanks so much again!

  4. Hi!

    Thanks for offering your apps on AndroidPit. I bought them twice now, once on Google Play and once there. Nevertheless, I realised that the Birthday plugin is missing on AndroidPit. It would be very nice of you, if you could upload it on AndroidPit as well.


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