A new widget ‘Pure Grid calendar’ now available on markets !

I have realized a new widget : Pure grid calendar.

It is published on :
– on Android market
– on AndroidPit market : https://koxx3.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/all-pure-widgets-now-available-on-androidpit-alternative-market/

Here are some screenshots :

And, when you tap on a day :

As usual, it will be skinable :


69 thoughts on “A new widget ‘Pure Grid calendar’ now available on markets !

  1. Hi there. Looks promising. The Android os really lacks a calendar widget like this. It would be Nice If The height of each square could be decresed leaving room for a small box at bottom that shows The events of The day you press.

      1. Hi again…
        I’ve been using the PocketInformant calendar on my PDA. But I’m about to change to android and get rid of my pda. The thing i’m looking for is something like this (screenshot from pocketinformant: http://www.pocketinformant.com/graphics/windowsce/screenshots/pibb-storm/PI_Storm_3.png) – you get the point?

        Maybe the grid size is around 3×4, and the “box” is 1×4, so that It would still be a full screen?

        Keep up the excellent work 🙂

  2. So cool 😀

    I wonder if it possoble to show difference calendar colors like the pure calendar widget. Also it would be great if the details will be displayed at the bottom of the calendar.

    Maybe an idea for one of your selecteble widget for this project… If the Calendar grid is 4×4 …
    you take 2×2 for the calendar of the current month. 1×1 at the left for previous month en 1×1 for the next month … and at the bottom 4×1 with details of the day you select.

    Sorry for my bad-english 😛

  3. Thanks for the great app. This is just what i was looking for so i can have my work shift pattern show up as different colours depending whether im on Nights / Days. In a future update will it be possible to slide through the months within the widget?

    1. It is already possible to change month (just press first or last cell in grid), but it’s not possible with gestures (not available in current SDK).

      1. I tried to press the first or last cell to change the month but all the calendar did was get bigger and let me move it around the screen. Not able to change months.

  4. Yeah sorry – noticed the changing months about 30 mins after posting. Thanks again for the app, I was playing around with the Hero calendar for ages trying to figure out a way of making different events show up in different colours. Your app does exactly what i was after!

  5. Thanks for this great app – a big improvement over the HTC sense calendar.

    However, is it possible to add a swipe function to change the month, i.e. swipe up and down like the HTC calendar to change month?

  6. Woops – a bug: October has got two 25ths and so every date in the days thereafter are wrong.

    Thanks for some great apps!

  7. I purchased the grid calendar based on the screen shots which displayed colored lines in the cells indicating the events according to which calendar they came from. I have not been able to get that type of grid to display. Every option I use seems to result in a grid which simply has a triangle in the upper right corner of dates with events. Could you tell me how to get the desired result. (HTC Hero with Sprint).

  8. October has got two Sunday 25ths and so every date in the days thereafter are wrong and entries all wrong after that date too.

    Love this app please fix bug


  9. Hi

    I love it!!!
    I have some questions and feature requests:
    I am using the glass design because it is the most Hero like
    -How to disable transparency at all (the slider is on the left side)?
    -It is possible to have the glass design in 4×2
    -Slide Up and Down to change the month, like other Hero widgets do
    -Bigger timeline height
    Change the logic: first the date number and then the timeline.

    btw. It crashes 40% the time I try to enter the config.

    1. Hi

      -How to disable transparency at all (the slider is on the left side)?
      >> yes, on the left = no transparency

      -It is possible to have the glass design in 4×2
      >> I don’t have time to do it right now, but if you do it, I can upload it.

      -Slide Up and Down to change the month, like other Hero widgets do
      >> impossible, already answered here : https://koxx3.wordpress.com/2009/10/11/informations-about-what-we-can-do-and-what-we-cannot/

      -Bigger timeline height
      >> no problem, I’ll add more size

      -Change logic
      >> I’ll think about it

      >> I need you to send me your logcat just after a crash. I’ll be able to see what’s wrong, and solve this bug. To do it, use log collector.

  10. hello i am very new to all this android stuff but just purchased my sprint hero i am comeing from a win mobile phone and my favorite with win mobile was it would tell me on my main screen what events were comeing up for today and tomorrow etc… i have 5 children so scheduling is a must .. but i am finding out i cannot do that with my hero i have been reading posts and alot of people are talking about the pure calendar but my big question is will it show up comeing events on the home screen .. if i cannot find a app to fix this solution i may just return this and go back to my old win phone . any help would be appreciated and please baby talk i am very new to this

    1. Hello,

      yes, it will 😉
      this exactly the purpose of this widget : show current and comming events on the home screen.
      Have a look on ‘pure calendar’ (not ‘pure grid calendar’)

  11. I have had the Pure Grid Calendar widget installed for about a month and it has been working well until the past week or so. It has begun to hang showing a “loading…” message instead of the grid. To get it working again, I have to long press the “loading…” icon and then remove the widget from the home screen. Then, when I again place it on the home screen it begin to work again … for a day or so. This is particularly annoying because I have to reset all my settings for the widget when I re-place it on the home screen. Do you have any idea what might be causing this?


    And I have not flash the ROM. It is the original from Vodafone Spain 1.6.

    I have bought and installed it perfectly two days ago, but now I can´t use it and I can´t remove it because it is not in the market.

  13. Sorry I posted my comment in the Pure Calendar post

    But I have the same problem today and had to uninstall it.
    However, impossible to find it again on the market.
    Luo rom and I have changed nothing since first install.

    Help please, because I become very frustrated about my purchase (no offense) because It became to me a MUST have on daily basis.

    I am sure you will find the answer to this issue very quickly.

    Best regards.

      1. Merci pour ta réactivité.
        Je retrouve avec plaisir mon widget.
        Et encore bravo pour ton travail extrêmement qualitatif.
        Beau et utile, ce n’est pas toujours simple à réaliser.

        Donc un simple et sincère “Merci”.


  14. I did not flash the phone ROM. The device, by the way, is the HTC hero and Sprint is the provider. Is your upcoming revised version a solution for this problem or something different? Thanks.

  15. I really like the app so far. Would itb be possible to make each colored timeline even go across the entire box? I put a lot of one hour long events on my various calendars and on the widget it’s too small. I already put the size to 5.

  16. I have installed the new version. I checked the box that says something like “Fix Sprint HTC reboot bug (allow only one widget)”, but I don’t quite understand what that means.

  17. I am using the latest version of the pure grid calendar widget on my HTC Hero V1.5. It is great to see so much information on a month view when using the timelines option. It is almost as good as the very mature Pocket Informant and Papayrus for Windows Mobile.

    All my calendar information is in exchange and is organised using different exchange categories. Would it be possible to add user selectable colours for the timelines for the different exchange categories, similar to how you currently handle different google calendars by using their existing colours?

    1. All I can read is Google calendar information.
      Exchange calendar is copied into a Google calendar on the Hero.
      Unfortunately, I think categories informations are not stored in the Google calendar.
      So, I don’t think it’s possible.

  18. Bonjour. Thanks for the nice app! Pure Grid Calendar is *the* nicest android calendar. I wish it could do a few more things, though.

    1) allow filtering events for keywords, and changing the timeline color based on the filters.
    2) remember my config, so that if I place the widget on a different desktop, it will recall all my settings.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    1. Hi,
      thanks 😉
      for point 1, it is very difficiult since I only use Google calendar events. And there is no such ‘filter’ or ‘category’ information in the Google calendar database.
      point 2, interesting idea. I’ll think about it.

  19. Hi,
    I’d really like to buy some of your apps, but I don’t have access to pay-apps in Market in my country (Norway).
    After you removed the app from SlideME (I understand your decision), I have no other option then to buy them from your paypal page.
    If only I could recieve updates when using paypal. I’ve got a bunch of colleges as well that is interested in your apps.
    Please spend some time making a download-update-or-something feature in the apps.

    Arg! …I’ll buy it anyway… it’s just that sweet! Hope us less-fortunate-no-pay-market people one day will get the same credit for our money as the more-fortunate Androiders.

    Anyway, fantastic nice apps this. Good luck with the dev.

    1. Hi,
      thank you for your interest.
      I apologize for that poor sell site, but I don’t have web developement skills 😦
      If you know an easy solution to do that, I take it.

  20. When I click on the widget – the calendar does not open….I selected Regular google calendar and I am using HTC Eris

  21. I just got my Nexus One yesterday, and I am shopping for a calendar app. Since I am an attorney, I use calendars extensively. I read your explanation about Google Tasks, but I am not sure what you are talking about. Do your applications sync with Google Calendars, or do they not? Also, both of your calendars look good, but I don’t understand why they are stand-alone, and not just another screen selection. It would seem much better to include all of your excellent functionality in one app.

    1. Google calendar and Google Tasks are 2 separated things.
      1 – Pure calendar sync with Google calendar.
      2 – Pure calendar sync with Astrid which sync with Remember the milk.

      There is no plan for merging Pure calendars widgets (different use, different code, different public).

      By the way, can you confirm that Pure calendar is working on Nexus ? since no SDK is available it is impossible for me to check …
      Thanks !

  22. My Android Market screen shows Pure Grid calendar widget is installed. My calendar looks like the first 2 @ the top of this page. I want to display the one that is displayed 3rd from the top.

  23. This is a test since my previous post didn’t seem to “stick”.

    k0xx3 what IS your email address?

    – Martin –

  24. Hi,

    I loved the pure grid what I saw on the web and just purchased it. No matter what I do, I can not seem to get the color bars that are on my pc based google calendar to transfer over. I would like to see all calendars as teh same time – different color bars as you suggested in a separate post you can not make the event a different color – but all I get are grey dots. I see in your post multiple colors at the same time,

    I know there is a simple button I am just not pushing. (BTW, I tried htc sense and also google calendar as defaults, not difference) Thanks in advance L

  25. Salut!

    Is this also restricted to Google Calendar? Because GCal sync is so slow I cannot use it to view me iCalendar feeds from rememberthemilk, unless I am willing to wait 2-24hrs for events to appear (I am not.) So, I am looking for something which can display iCalendar feeds directly, since hundreds of forum posts and two years later Google has done nothing. If it cannot, do you think either grid or pure calendar would support feeds in the future? They look beautiful. merci…

    1. Salut 🙂
      Yes, it is restricted to Google calendar because this widget is only a frontend for phone calendar database. It doesn’t handle any sync.
      But your problem is strange, if I add an event on the web, my calendar is synced 2 minutes after.

  26. Love, love, love this calendar! But I did notice that I’m not able to create an event that is biweekly within the app. I am able to in the Google Calendar on my desktop by setting it to weekly then at an interval of 2 (which would be biweekly). When using Pure Grid and setting it to weekly, there is no option for an interval. Maybe you could consider adding that in 🙂

    Thank you again! Excellent app! I have Pure Messenger too but am still trying to figure that one out, lol 🙂

    (Samsung Moment User)

  27. hia
    really encouraged by this widget, but have a month view problem, in that I can only see three weeks, not four nor in fact the six in your first screenshot. I’m using the ‘internal’ skin, but have tried other 4×4 skins. They’re even worse as the skin only covers the left half of the screen. I loaded on HTC magic, linked to google calendar

    But I can see this could be really useful, if I sort this out

    1. I think you didn’t pick the good widget size when you inserted it.
      You have to select a skin which FIT the widget size.
      Pure grid 4×4 = skin 4×4
      I think you picked 4×2 widget.

  28. Not all of my calendar’s selected are showing in the widget. In fact only two are, from four that I have selected.

    Also I can only see my main calendar and “Other Calendars”. I can’t see any calendars from “My Calendars” in my gmail account.

  29. Hi,

    great wee widget, I get bubbles on the days when there is an appointment, would prefer triangles. How can I swicth. HTC Desire.


  30. Hi, I perviously came from a Palm 755p, so the Android calendar was a big dissapointment. It seems this may be the ticket for me. However, before purchasing, does Pure Grid offer a customizable repeat function? For example, I would like an entry to repeat every 6th week. Thanks.

  31. Pure Grid Calendar does not update automatically. I have to use the tools icon on the widget, then ” Save and Exit ” to advance to current date. Please help! Thanks.

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