Timeline events in ‘Pure grid calendar’

A new function is available in 1.0.3 : events timeline.

Screenshots talks more than a long text :



15 thoughts on “Timeline events in ‘Pure grid calendar’

  1. i found it gchrome right its availble on openhome and now cause of this im definatly buying it
    i like the features but i hate the colours cant u add like 3rdish black or 3rdish white (for the timeling)
    u know calm colours why ???
    1-they look more sophisticated
    2-black and white can go with any thing

    thanx for this amazing widget i sure home it works on open home cause ur the one making me get it

      1. well ive never seen those colours in my calender actuyally ive never seen colours
        i guess i dont know how to enable it i didnt even find it on the settings tabs

  2. I don’t know if its possible, but why not combine both de Calendar and the Grid into one widget. I like, and use both widgets, but a all-in-one widget would be great.

    1. so … finally it seems to works 🙂

      what are you talking about ? time lines are HORIZONTAL. Like pictures. impossible to put them vertically.
      Are you sure you installed ‘Pure grid calendar’ ?

  3. Timeline doesn’t work well with multi-day events. I often work from 4 pm until 9 am (nightshift), but the timeline for the second day fills the entire day (as if the event was from 4pm to 11 pm the next day).

    I’m using version 1.0.9, because that’s the latest version on SlideMe/mobento where I bought it…

    1. As you may read on this blog, SlideMe is no more supported.

      There is still a small bug on the timelines, but, it is solved in the current beta, and will be published in 1 or 2 days (after testing).

  4. Just got the widget, love it. Is there any way to have timelines for multiple calendar on single day view, as opposed to weekly?

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