HTC Hero and Eris Sprint bug


I have been busy those last days with a specific HTC Hero/Eris Sprint bug (only for US version).
None of my widgets are working after reboot.

I found the reason : HTC changed the Android widget management at startup !
I hope they will fix it in a new ROM release, but I’d like to find a solution to bypass this problem.

Another bug with this ROM: not all widgets sizes are visibles (I have no solution).

A new bug fix option is available for all widgets, but you can use only 1 widget of each type (1 pure calendar, 1 pure messenger …), not multi-widgets (3 pure calendar).

EDIT 28/10/2009 : reboot problem solved for ‘Pure calendar’ with new option.
EDIT 25/11/2009 : reboot problem solved for ‘Pure grid calendar’ with new option.
EDIT 30/11/2009 : reboot problem solved for ‘Weather forecast’ with new option.

11 thoughts on “HTC Hero and Eris Sprint bug

  1. Hi!

    I love your widgets, but I have problems with Weather Forecast, Pure Messenger and Pure Music on HTC Hero (not Sprint, unbranded retail).

    Pure Music crashes the phone as soon as I click on it (the reason might be HTC’s own music player).

    When using Weather Forecast as with or without calendar, the widget works fine, but every few hours (I see no relation to update interval) the phone reboots. And when it does, it often takes 2-3 reboots until it works stable again. Same for Pure Messenger.

    I tried with or without the bugfix options in the settings, tried using only one of your widgets at a time, but that doesn’t help anyway.

    Without the weather and pure widgets the Hero runs very stable, no reboots at all.

    Could you please give any insights, WHAT the reasons are the Hero or HTC’s Sense/TouchFLO do cause so much problems? I really love your widgets and so much want to use them (the 4×3 weather w/ calendar looks awesome on the main home screen!).

    Kind regards, Lutz

    1. Hi,
      For pure music, I’ll need a logcat after the crash. To send it, please read this page :
      For weather forecast widget, I am really sorry, but I stopped support for this app.
      For Pure calendar, I saw I time this problem with another Hero device. Can you please send me a logcat after a refresh button hit.
      The main problem with the Hero device is HTC customization. A lot of things are different from classic Android, and HTC didn’t publish code of non closed sources applications (like Sense framework)… so it is very difficult to make something working with Sense.
      To finish, I really need logcats to understand the problem.

  2. Question. I started using 2 different widgets (1 for each calendar) with Pure Calendar, so I had unchecked the “Fix HTC Hero/Eris reboot bug.” They never loaded, always stuck at the “loading data… screen” I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no luck. Can you just not have multiple widgets if you’re using the HTC Hero with Pure Calendar? or is there a solution

    1. No, until Sprint fix the bug they introduced in those ROM, there is no way for you to get multiple widgets on the home screen. Francois.

  3. I recently install your app, Pure Messenger. I’m having some issues though.

    I have the Sprint HTC Hero and made sure to enable the setting in the setup and everything worked great after the first setup and I think you did a really good job.

    But when I reboot the app launcher in the upper left doesn’t work and the Reply To button doesn’t work. I click it and there is a pop up that says Action or Message action but no options listed for app launcher or Reply To.

    Also after reboot, when I click the Internal View there is a small pop up with just the title bar, but the message content doesn’t load.

    I tried all sizes and accepted all the defaults and tried with only gmail enabled or only SMS enabled but same results.

  4. My droid eris recently received the 2.1 OTA update so I tried using two pure calendar widgets: one for my calendars and the other for astrid. I unchecked the checkbox for the hero/eris bug, but unfortunately any changes to one widget’s preferences are applied to the other widget as well. So unless I am misunderstanding how to use two widgets, this won’t work for other eris and hero users in the foreseeable future

    1. Can you try to fully unsintall/reinstall the app ?
      I think/hope it will work with Android 2.1 Sense.

  5. I tried two new launchers, Go Launcher Ex and Zeam, which are so much faster than both Launcher Pro and ADW. Go Launcher Ex renders only one widget without a background. Zeam gets stuck on “loading data.”

    I will stick with Launcher Pro for now, I think, since I, too, use ome Calendar widget for calendar and one for tasks. I suspect, though, that the HTC widget management may be leaking into other Home replacement apps since it appears to be a speed optimization. My fear is that I, and others, will forego the fantastic customizations of Pure Calendar Widget to make it possible to make my whole phone faster.

    I did get two instances of Pure Weather Wiget enabled & working on Go Launcher Ex by creating the 4×1 forecast before I created a 1×1 current conditions instance. I don’t know of it was the size difference or the, um, purpose difference that made them work in tandem, but there may be a solution hiding there for running multiple instances. (The 4×1 simply wouldn’t show at all wjen I tried to create ot after I created the 1×1, but I forgot to change it to “forecast” when I tired it.)

    I hope this helps.

    1. No problem have been reported with either Go Launcher Ex, nor Zeam.
      Be careful to never keep a widget on an unused Home, and never install a widget on sdcard.

      If it still doesn’t work, please, send me an email (see about page).


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