[Tips] Sync Outlook with your phone calendars and Pure widgets

There is multiple solutions to see your Outlook calendars on your phone.

The easiest :
– use a small Google tool called Google Calendar Sync to sync Outlook with Google calendar
– use a specific handset maker tool like ‘Kies’ from Samsung to sync with usb cable your Outlook calendars.

More business oriented :
– use an Exchange server to sync Outlook Exchange server Phone
—> you’ll need either a phone which support Exchange sync (Android >= 2.1), either a profesionnal tool like TouchDown Exchange.

Once your calendars are synced to your phone, they will be visible in Pure widgets.

12 thoughts on “[Tips] Sync Outlook with your phone calendars and Pure widgets

  1. Not too off topic, but I am looking for a feature that will allow me to share an Outlook Calendar with many users on different platforms, including Android, iPhone and desktop apps.

    Outlook can save a calendar in a universal calendar file format called .ics (iCal).

    For example, I have an iCal .ics calendar file that I would like to view as a calendar through my Droid. The .ics file is stored on our web site and is accessed via http://

    The popular way to view such a file is to subscribe to the .ics file via the web-based Google Calendar.

    Unfortunately, there is a well publisized problem where the Google Calendar only refreshes the file automatically after at least one or more days. To summarize, when the .ics file is overwritten with a new version on the server, Google Calender can take about a day to display the new .ics calendar file contents. The manual refresh in Google Calendar does not work either.

    See these links for details on the issue:




    Microsoft web-based calendars have a similar issue (I tried them). The only calendar app that I have found to work is the desktop-based Windows Calendar.

    Some not to graceful workarounds for this issue include commercial products such as Companion Link and your above mentioned Google Calendar Sync.

    Can your Droid Calendar App read and display an iCal (Outlook genrated) .ics calendar directly via http:// ?


    Stefan Pantu
    Computer Software Connection, Inc.

    1. Hi,
      I understand the problem… BUT my app is a WIDGET and has no vocation to sync anything.

  2. I can’t seem to find a way to use Touchdown to sync Exchange mailboxes with Pure Messenger. Is this functionality not there?

  3. Hi koxx3,
    This is my situation and I was wondering if you can assist me with the query.

    I have a HTC Android phone and my company uses Outlook Exchange 2003 / 2007. I need to be able to sync my Android phone to my Outlook Exchange account to sync my calendar, tasks and contacts. I’m hoping that TouchDown will help me do this.

    In addition to this, I would like to see all my future appointments and tasks or to-do list for the next 2 – 3 days on my HTC Android homescreen. I’m hoping that Pure Calendar will do this for me. I don’t want to have to open the Pure Calendar application everytime I want to view my appointments and tasks. I want the information to be there visible as my or on my “homescreen”. Is this what Pure Calendar is all about??

    So in a nutshell this is what I can picture in my mind:
    Outlook Exchange TouchDown Pure Calendar

    If I make any changes to my calendar or task on Pure Calendar, will it also change in TouchDown and hence changes will also be reflected on my calendar or tasks in the Outlook Exchange server? (e.g. if I complete a task on Pure Calendar will I see this completion right accross all the applications?

    Thanx so much!

    1. Yes, this is the point of Pure calendar, it’s a widget. You’ll see everything on the Home screen.
      Change are always synced between apps and Pure calendar.

  4. When I create a calendar event on my phone then appointment time that shows up on my business outlook is three hours earlier. There is nothing in your app that can fix it. How can I fix it?

    1. Which tool are you using to sync your exchange events ? stock android sync ? TouchDown ?
      Which phone are you using ?
      Are events at the right time on the widget ? in the phone calendar application ?

  5. ——————————————————————————–

    Is there an Android widget available to display my outlook calendar on my Samsung Galaxy homescreen? I AM ALREADY SYNCHRONIZED WITH MY ECHANGE SERVER. I do not have any trouble syncronizing Outlook with my Galaxy. I only want to display the Outlook calendar on my homescreen.

    1. If your data are already sync on the phone calendar database, then yes, both Pure calendar and Pure Grid calendar widgets will display your datas.

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