Pure calendar & Pure grid calendar : Change events colors

Google calendar allow to affect colors only to calendars, NOT TO EVENTS.
So, you have to split your events on multiple calendars to have different events colors.

To change calendar colors :

New Google calendar individual event color change is not yet handled by Android and by my app.

For Exchange calendars, you can use Calendar Custom Color tool to change calendar colors.

Note : Changing calendars colors can have strange effects with some Android version. After each change, the color on Android google calendar (and in the widget because they share the same color) can become darker and darker. A solution is to clear the ‘calendar storage’ datas in android settings, it will force a full resync of android calendar datas.

49 thoughts on “Pure calendar & Pure grid calendar : Change events colors

  1. I download this pure grid calendar and changed the colors on my google calendar but all that is showing up on my droid are gray dots instead of the different calendar colors. This app would be perfect is I could figure out the colors. Please help

  2. How about coloring events from different google calendars on the Pure Calendar (agenda) widget? Is this possible?

    1. this is already in my TODO list… even if I hate the idea (for me, it’s ugly…. I strongly prefer color bars).

  3. Koxx3 – I didn’t see the color bar option until after I posted my comment. The color bars on the agenda widget are great.

  4. What is the name of this app?? I thought it was called pure ‘grid’ calendar .. so it is only pure calendar??

  5. where is the widget config panel?
    is it the one w/ hammer/spanner icon.
    I found nth inside but only change color of calendar wordings only!!!!

  6. sorry, let s me summarise again
    target: android phone
    software: pure grid calendar
    situation: 3 event in one day
    current display setting: all 3 event shown in same blue color
    target display setting: all 3 event shown in diffent color, say, red, green & blue
    method: where to set it?

  7. I’m just a bit confused about the steps.
    would u mind starting fm the first step of how to set this color arrangement

  8. Do u have screen shots of all of the calendar skins so we can c them b4 installing them? Is there more skins we can download besides the ones that show up in the skins menu? Thanx for a good calendar

    1. No, there is no screenshot. It would be a huge work to take a screenshot of each skin 😦
      Everything is under the skin manager, but you can create tour skin yourself (search ‘challenge’ on this blog to find the guide)

  9. Google calendar is now allowing you to color code events in a single calendar. That said, is there a way to display those colors on the calendar widget? I personally am using the weekly view XXL option. Love to be able to see the diff colors. Would also love to be able to select these colors via quick insert function.


    1. That won’t be possible until Google bring this feature to the stock phone Google calendar application.

      1. Hello
        Is this possible now with Android 4? I organise my appointments with these colors.


  10. +1 !
    I was about to post the same request 🙂
    Too bad that it is not possible for now. Koxx3, from your experience, do you have any idea about how long it could take ?

    1. I think you’ll may have access to this in Android 2.4 or Android 3.2 (not in Android 3.1, I have it) or may be not…
      The Android calendar app didn’t evolve a lot since Android 1.5 😦

  11. When will this application in the sizes of tablets of 7 and 10 inches. In my SGT 7″ the widget is somewhat small. Thanks and good job

      1. Ok, it’s true, sorry, my SPB Shell 3d launcher could not enlarge it

    1. Task color is defined by the task manager app. to change it, you need to check if your task manager allow you to change this color.

  12. I use actually the “normal” calendar of my Samsung Galaxy S2. I sync my phone with a exchange calendar (for my job) … if a use pure calendar can i see différents colors for this events according to the color in my job calendar (events have categories and cartegories have colors) ?
    Thanks for your answer and sorry for my bad english.

    1. Hi,
      if colors are synced by Native Samsung app, i think it will work… but I have never tried.
      Please, let me know the result.

  13. Great app! I sync between Outlook and an Android phone via USB. I don’t sync with a Google Calendar on the web. Is there a way to have the color bars reflect the color of my different categories in Outlook. Even better if the color bars could be hollow (=free) and striped (=tentative).

      1. Thanks. I currently use HTC Sync. I don’t think it sync’s categories. Do you know of a sync solution that will send the categories?

  14. My Google calendar color does not match up with my timeline event color . I have screen shots if you need them. Verizon Galaxy Nexus Stock ICS 4.0.4

    1. And are the colors correct in the android STOCK calendar app ?
      Remember, the widget doesn’t sync anything…. android does.

      1. Nope they are not correct in the Android calendar app either. Pure calendar widget and Android calendar show one.color while Google calendar online shows a totally different color. I’ve tried syncing and that doesn’t fix it.

  15. I like the Pure Grid Calendar Widget except that I am not able to change the color for touchdown calendar.

    How can I change the colors for touchdown calendar items?

      1. Hi koxx3, I checked the Touchdown settings but I can’t find any setting for the events color with no category assignment. For those events with category assigned, the colors match the touchdown setting. However, all my appointments are not assigned with a category and I am not able to change the event color with no category assignment.

        Is there any way to change the event color with no category assignment? I really appreciate if that can be done in Pure Widget.


  16. Hi,
    Is it possible to change the color of the “birthay and anniversaries” agenda in Pure Calenda Widget, when you use “birthdays for pure”?
    Thank You.

  17. Hello Francois,

    In relation to the latest update of google calendar, It would be possible to change the color of the events so that they look?

    I don´t know if I explained well.


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