[Pure messeneger] Notifications … even when disabled

Since version 1.9.5, notification system on Pure messenger is totally independant for all widgets.

The problem is: you can have/forgot a widget on another Home, or you can have a partially configured widget somewhere in memory which HAVE notifications enabled.

There is 2 solutions to disable those old widgets notifications:
1 – enter the widget config panel, press menu key, tap ‘kill old widgets’
2 – enter the widget config panel, export your widget settings, uninstall the application, reinstall it from the market, insert a fresh widget and restore settings.

Another thing, be sure you have disabled notifications from incoming apps (gmail, K9FP, SMS …) to avoid multiple notifications if you enabled them in Pure messenger widget.
If you don’t want notifications from Pure messenger, be sure you disable all providers for notification 1 & 2 in Pure messenger configuration panel.

13 thoughts on “[Pure messeneger] Notifications … even when disabled

  1. Hi

    Where do I find the widget config panel to enable me to…

    1 – enter the widget config panel, press menu key, tap ‘kill old widgets’


    1. Hi,
      In list view : Lower right icon, then ‘configure’
      in Normal view : upper left icon, then ‘configure’

    1. No way. For me, it means you either still have notifications in ORIGINAL apps, either in Pure messenger.
      Send me a screenshot or camera shot when you have the notification and I’ll tell you.

  2. Hey man,i love your app and paid for it.unfortuntately, the experience of “notification”is very bad.even i read all message,”you have an new message”is still there.even more,i did everything:disable in setting,kil old widget’s setting,try to uninstall…but,the “YOU HAVE AN NEW MESSAGE”is still there……..i got a muti-notification when new message comes in.
    kindly please,help me to solve this.i love the widget except the notification…or you solve it in upgrade version?…..

    1. Hi,
      there is no problem reported on notification. It works fine on all my test device. A deeper analysis will be required. Please email me (see about page).

  3. Hello,
    I’ve got a problem with the system notifications as well.
    The notifications are handled by your widget, except for “missed calls”. I always get two notifications for them. One by your widget, the other one from the system.
    How can i turn them off?

    I already tried your suggestions.
    Thank you!

  4. Yo,
    Im glad i found this website… Im generally just a hands on person so i rarely read the important stuff. So I was stuck with notifications on everything before I tried killing old configs.

    Awsome post.

  5. Cannot stop the notifications, they appear above the scroll buttons after every scroll. Have used the tips from here but cannot stop the notifications. Purged old configs, kill’ed other widgets but the notification wont stop.
    EMails via Root connector
    When closing or move to the next message the notifications comes up.

  6. My phone notifications still says I have 1 unread when I checked it in both phone messenger settings and pure settings. Any ideas I have note 2.
    Thanks in advance…

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