Users requests

For ergonomic or design modifications requests, as I can’t take all requests in account (I receive ~4 requests per day), I count them. If I receive at least 5 requests on the same subject, I’ll take it into account.

For features requests, it can different, one request can be enough if it is interesting 🙂

Keep in mind that each new feature require a lot things :
– time to be added to the application (coding & testing)
– a little bit of phone memory (each new modification have to be handled)
– a little bit of phone battery (with new features require CPU to be handled)
– and add complexity to the widget configuration and/or interface

EDIT 05/09/2010 : here is the new way to suggest features and vote for them !

2 thoughts on “Users requests

  1. I have been trying to find Pure Calendar and so far have been unable to do so. Can you either tell me where to acquire it, or place it in the android market. I would be most willing to pay you via paypal or gmail checkout.

    Thank you.


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