My Droid X or Droid 2 Global doesn’t show the right time for SMS/Text messages

22 11 2010

There is a know bug in those device ROM.

The workaround is to install this application from the market:



2 responses

25 11 2010
Daniel Bossert

Hi Francois

Sorry; I had the wrong e-mail address…

Thank you very much for this widget, making the live sure alot easier.

One little problem I do have:
When I start the widget, it takes a lot time, until widget displays the things.
Then I have to remove the widget, to add und import the settings; then it is ready in less then 5 minutes. I have a Samsung Galaxy i7500.
Is this a galaxy problem? I work with the GAOSP-Project (Android 2.2.1 on Galaxy).

it is not a big problem, but “annoying”.

Kind regards

25 11 2010

there is a lot of chance the phone is in cause: low memory + recent kernel + slow processor … it’s not a very good situation for app like Pure messenger.
Clearly if you don’t manage to have 30Mb of free memory, Android will kill the service and the refresh will be perturbated.

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