7 thoughts on ““Pure music doesn’t works on my Moto Cliq / Samsung Behold II”

  1. It seems that pure music widget doesnt work on my phone… I just cannot input playlist even when I touch the widget and the phone keeps saying theres an error on the app… Woukd U please solve this quickly?

  2. Hello…. this music widget looks nice, but it doesn´t work with the stock player on my Samsung Galaxy Pro… Could you solve this issue too?

  3. I use Galaxy Note and get the message: “invalid music player application… please contact the developer” when tapping on the widget.

  4. Market description says “need stock android, HTC Sense or Samsung Music Player” but its not working on Samsung stock player (Samsung Galaxy Ace).

    It shows what song im listening and its album cover, but buttons wont work.

    1. That’s exactly what happens to me! I’ve a Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) with the official ICS 4.0.3 rom, and since I updated it the widget doesn’t work any more! It worked perfectly with GB…

      Any solutions? Please! I loved this widget!

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