Skin server is down

Sorry …
We need to wait for my provider to repair it.

I finally moved to a new provider …
For Pure messenger, some skins are not yet available. They will be when the old server will be restored.

EDIT 02/12/2010 4pm-GMT+1 : the server RAID card has a sync problem and the server is under reconstruction
EDIT 02/12/2010 8pm-GMT+1 : in parallel, I am creating an account with a new provider… new to wait for DNS propagation
EDIT 02/12/2010 9pm-GMT+1 : transfering all skins to new provider server and testing all apps with new skins server URL
EDIT 02/12/2010 9:10pm-GMT+1 : all apps tested with new skin server
EDIT 02/12/2010 9:25pm-GMT+1 : all new apps published with new server URL
EDIT 03/12/2010 12:15pm-GMT+1 : the old server is still not repaired … inacceptable … I am happy to change this crappy provider…
EDIT 04/12/2010 9:30am-GMT+1 : the old server is back !

17 thoughts on “Skin server is down

  1. Ah, i’ve got the Pure Calendar Widget yesterday and wondered about the skin download, which is not working. Thanks for the information.

    1. No, I still don’t have any news from my provider 😦
      But one thing is sure: once the server will be up, I’ll backup all my data and change provider… more than 48h off line, this is not normal even for a free service !

  2. Could you also move your e-mail address image to the new provider? I need to contact you but I can’t see your email address πŸ™‚

  3. I downloaded pure messenger 2 days ago but the skin sever still says out of order. Do I need to reinstal again?

  4. Skins worked for Pure Calendar now, but I can’t skin my Pure Weather Forecast. Is this still to be fixed?

    1. Hi,
      no, I don’t have skins backup from the old server … so, I am not able to transfer them to the new server.
      We need to wait for the old server to be restored :/

    1. No problem reported by any other user.
      Please try to enter the skin manager, press menu key, then ‘delete skin folder’.

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