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  1. Hi,

    I’ve been using the Pure Calendar Widget for some time and today attempted to import my Facebook contacts birthdays using fbcal. This worked successfully – I can see my friends birthdays in my Google Calendar on both my PC and on my HTC Hero, but I can’t make the birthday’s appear in the Widget.

    In the Select Calendars screen, I have “FBCAL BIRTHDAYS” selected but nothing appears from this calendar (although I still have my regular calendar entries appearing in the widget).

    As a quick test, I downloaded the Android Agenda Widget and the FBCAL birthdays appear in this widget with no problem.

    If you can provide any help, it would be gratefully received.

    Regards, Gary

    1. Hi,
      I don’t understand, I HAVE an fbcal calendar in my personnal Google calendar list, and it works fine…
      How did you import it ?
      Which version/revision of Pure calendar are you using ?

      1. Hi,

        I imported the calendar using the standard fbcal application in Facebook – (clicked on Import In Google Calendar button, this automatically opened my Google Calendar and I was then prompted to add the fbcal birthdays calendar. The birthdays I have in Facebook are now visible in Google Calendar).

        In the Google Calendar settings, I can now see three Calendars to which I have access. My own personal calendar and two ‘other calendars’ – “Uk Holidays” and “fbCal Birthdays”. All three are selected as “Show in List”

        I’ve got version 1.6.7 of Pure Calendar. Using the Select Calendars option, I have selected my own personal calendar, UK Holidays and FBCal Birthdays. Although the default HTC Hero calendar app shows all the entries from these calendars, the Pure Calendar widget only shows entries from my own personal calendar.

        Regards, Gary

  2. I really like the look and feel of this widget.
    BUT I have two google calendars shared with where the events do not appear in Pure Calendar.

    In google
    I have 4 ‘My Calendars’
    – all appear in the ‘Select Calendar’ list, events from only 3 are shown
    I have 3 ‘Other Calendars’ (read only)
    – all appear in the ‘Select Calendar’ list, but events from only 2 are shown

    Any ideas?

  3. Hi koxx3,
    I don’t know if you are interested – but in case you are.

    I think this is a google ‘problem’ or ‘feature’ rather than a Pure one. I think.

    I am running google apps and my account is the administrator

    – My daughter’s calendar was set to be visible (read only) to everyone in the domain
    – On top of that she granted me privileges to edit
    – Pure Calendar could see the calendar, but not the events. Except it could see events that were entered explicitly as ‘public’ rather than default
    – She removed my access
    – the calendar disappeared from my list
    – I then did add-a-colleague and pulled it back
    – I can now see it AND unexpectedly I can edit it (presumably because I am domain owner)
    – Pure can now see it.

    If you are interested and would like any help trying to duplicate this, happy to help you out

  4. I have been using Pure Calendar for some time with now issues, tried Pure Grid Calendar but can not seem to get my corporate calendar to show up, it will only let me select my google calendar, which I do not want to view.

    1. I tried Google only or Exchange only in Pure grid cal, and it works fine.
      What do you mean by “it will only let me select my google calendar” ?
      Which version/revision do you use ?

  5. I just updated to Pure Calendar widget (agenda) 1.7.6 when it was released this weekend (I think), and I’m having trouble selecting calendars. When I click “Select Calendars” in the settings, I get a force close every time. It then restarts immediately, but I can’t seem to get into that part of the settings.

    My google calendar app is working fine, as is Astrid.

    I’m running DroidMod 1.0 on my Droid. I’ve tried rebooting the phone; no change in behavior. Let me know if I can do anything to help debug this.

    Love the widget btw, thanks!

  6. Salut Koxx,
    J’ai achetĂ© pure Grid Calendar rĂ©cemment car il gĂšre plusieurs calendriers. Or mon problĂšme c’est que visiblement le widget n’affiche pas les Ă©vĂšnements crĂ©es par d’autres comptes que celui qui est liĂ© au tĂ©lĂ©phone (Hero dans mon cas).
    J’ai plusieurs calendriers:
    P (perso)
    F (fille)
    B (boulot)
    B1 (boulot 1)
    B2 (boulot 2)
    B3 (boulot 3)
    B4 (boulot 4)
    Mon compte P a les droits complets sur tous ces calendriers mais je ne peux voir que ceux qui sont crĂ©Ă©s par P. Par exemple si ma femme insĂšre un Ă©vĂšnement pour “F” je ne le verrai pas sur mon Hero. Si un collĂšgue insĂšre un Ă©vĂšnement sur “B2”, je ne le verrai pas non plus 😩

    Dites-moi qu’il y a une solution Ă  ce problĂšme (qui pour moi est rĂ©dhibitoire je dois le dire)

    1. Bonjour,
      Non, ce n’est pas normal.
      Ca marche pour moi avec ce type de configuration.
      VĂ©rifier :
      – que les agendas en questions sont synchronisĂ©s par l’application Agenda de Google.
      – que les agendas sont sĂ©lectionner dans le widget.

      1. Merci pour la rapidité de la réponse.
        Je peux tout voir parfaitement depuis mon agenda Google en Ă©tant logguĂ© avec mon compte “P”, donc j’en dĂ©duis que la synchronisation se fait bien (pour ĂȘtre sĂ»r j’ai mĂȘme supprimĂ© et recrĂ©Ă© toutes les liaisons hier).
        Tous les agendas qui m’intĂ©ressent sont sĂ©lectionnĂ©s dans le widget.

        Voici le résumé de ma configuration du widget:
        -calendriers sélectionnés: P, F, B1, B2, etc -> 7 en tout. Ne sont pas sélectionnés les calendriers suivants: Eigener Kalender, Exchange, People Event Calendar, Outlook et Weather.
        -show event duration est sélectionné, pas les autres options
        -Show events timeline est sélectionné
        -timeline line height: 3
        Fix HTC Hero reboot bug est sélectionné

        Rien n’a Ă©tĂ© fait sous “skins”

        Merci de l’aide

  7. ce dont je veux etre CERTAIN c’est que l’evenement est rafraichi dans la base donnĂ©e du telephone est visible dans l’application Agenda DU TELEPHONE.
    Si ce n’est pas le cas, je ne peux rien faire.
    Mon widget est uniquement un ‘frontend’ pour la base de donnĂ©e. Il ne gere en aucun cas la synchro.

    1. dĂ©solĂ© d’ĂȘtre lourd mais j’ai peur de ne pas comprendre. Ce que je vois sous mon compte Google Calendar depuis mon PC n’est donc pas ce que je peux voir avec mon tĂ©lĂ©phone enregistrĂ© sous le mĂȘme compte ?

      Si tu ne veux pas que je continue Ă  poster dans ce fil, on peut continuer par email (mon nom @ gmail.com)

      Toute aide ou éclaircissement sera trÚs apprécié.

      Bon app’

  8. Hi. I am using the latest version of Pure Calendar. I had my wife’s and my own google calendar showing up on Pure Calendar for the last 4 months with no problem. As of yesterday, Pure Calendar will only show my calendar info. I have my wife’s calendar checked, but nothing will show. Nothing has been changed on either Google Calendar or Pure Calendar, I am perplexed. Thanks – John

    1. Hi,
      You can already remove 2 of those 3 icons (add evt + go to current
      month). I prefer to not remove the reconfigure icon.
      For HTC skin copy, I refuse to avoid law suits (it already happend
      once with HTC – not to me, but to a friend !).


  9. Hello. Just installed frg01B (droid 1 OTA update) and I was able to find and install pure calender. Everything looks to be working fine except the scrollable widget option. The widget doesnt scroll. I am using launcherpro and made sure i checked the scrollable widget option as well as checking the scrollable widget option in pure calendar. It just displays the events as the normal calender would; no scrolling.

  10. Hello,

    I have a problem with selecting a calendar. When I want to “Select calendars to show:” and i press “select calendars” I just get a pop-up screen saying: “Pure Calendar Widget” and an Ok button. I cannot get my Google calendar to show up while my HTC sense calendar works fine.

    Any ideas?

      1. I have and my HTC sense calendar works fine. Also when I open the sense calendar via the Pure calendar widgets everything shows up fine. Only within the widget it will not work, I still cannot select a calendar. I have a Desire with Froyo installed and Launcher pro.

  11. I don’t know if it’s an auto response but I did, twice. That is not what’s wrong in my case. Stock calendar works fine in every situation.

    1. No, this is not an auto answer.
      Did you read this new line from few hours ago :
      “A particular case for the HTC Desire with 2.2 ROM.
      To show your events in Pure calendar widget, you must choose the same calendar in the HTC Sense calendar widget.”

      This tips was reported by other users on XDA forums.
      It now works fine for them.

  12. Allright thank you, but I have launcher pro. I cannot open the HTC Sense calendar widget. Before I always used the HTC Sense calendar widget and it worked fine so I would guess I already have the correct calendar chosen because until yesterday it always worked (I only installed launcher pro yesterday).

    Also in the stock calendar widget the google calendar shows up perfectly. I’m sorry if i’m overlooking something but I really can’t figure it out. Thanks.

  13. I just tried it. De-installed Launcherpro, added the HTC Sense Widget, calendar worked fine. Opened up the Pure calendar widget next to it and nothing, so i’m sorry.

    1. Ok, then we need more informations from 2.2 Desire users.
      Are you able to select calendars in the widget config panel ? or nothing is visible in the list ?

      1. oh, and please, contact me by email, it will be easier (see about page for my email)

  14. I am using Pure Calendar Widget to display my agenda because I was having trouble with HTC Agenda widget displaying events. When your widget gives me the option to choose what calendars to display, it has duplicate entries for all the gmail calendars I have. I would like to figure out how to remove the duplicate calendar listings and why they are appearing twice. The first calendars are listed in all CAPS and the duplicates are in regular case format.

    EX of my calendar listings in your program:
    {Google} PC Sync
    {Google} Exhange
    {Google} FACEBOOK
    {Google} US HOLIDAYS
    {Google} steven@gmail.com
    {Google} horvat@gmail.com
    {Google} Girlfriends Acct
    {Google} US Holidays

    Calendars Duplicated: My two personal gmail account calendars, my girlfriends gmail calendar that she shares, and a US Holidays calendar that I subscribed to (as part of my GMail Calendar).
    Calendars NOT Duplicated: PC Sync, Exchange, Facebook
    Phone: HTC EVO
    OS: Froyo w/ Sense UI

    Please help! Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      I have never seen this problem… and I have no idea how to solve this.
      The problem clearly come from your phone config 😩

      1. Any idea where I might start on figure this out? Any help is appreciated.

    2. try to disable one by one each calendar.
      I don’t know, may Exchange copy all your Google events…

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