[Pure grid calendar] Landscape view

I sometime receive request to ‘improve’ landscape view of Pure grid calendar.
I thinked about many ideas for this, but I didn’t find any solution.

There is multiple contraints I am not able to comply :
– which form could it adopt in landscape, just enlarge ? ugly and not more useful with 2x large and same height
– currently, it’s 1 single bitmap generated on demand for the whole widget (impossible to change), and enlarge is not possible or it would be VERY VERY ugly. So, it would mean prepare a special bitmap for the landscape.
—> prepare an alternative bitmap would use a loooot of CPU (as you noticed, refresh or change month is not very fast due to full redraw and events management)
– let says 2 bitmaps (1 port / 1 land), then it would use a lot of memory in the launcher (nearly x2 the actual memory footprint). especially with timeline where background can reach 675×480 in 32 bits ! Most launchers would simply crack with so much memory. Some already have problems with biggest widgets sizes and many widgets.
In other pure widgets, the background definition remains in SD 480p (not HD 720p requiered for timelines) to avoid using too much memory. This is not possible for Pure grid with timelines, 720p is required for high definition text (it is the case without timelines).

And please, don’t ask me about options for such things, it would be horrible in the code to manage such cases (resolution, options, land or not …).

Finally, most users doesn’t have/use landscape (in stock Home, unless you have a keyboard, you never have access to the landscape view)… so, make everybody paying (with CPU and memory) for may be 5% of users… it’s not very fair.

So, unless you have a miracle solution, we’ll have to stick with the current situation.

I really prefer to focus on more useful features like weekly and daily view.

11 thoughts on “[Pure grid calendar] Landscape view

  1. This would be a very useful feature in week mode. I have meetings with long titles and more space for them would do a lot for me!

    Also a “turning” functionality is not nessesary. A special version of the widget than permanently is in landscape mode would be sufficient! I can turn the phone myself if I need to =)

  2. It does not look that bad!! Perfect size, only problem is that this is some kind if hickup when I am shifting ffrom portrait to landscape and will go small again when I boot, starts another app, shift to portrait etc.
    Screenshot is of my Archos 101 in landscap mode.


  3. Thanks for a great calendar. I purchased it yesterday. I see what you are saying about the landscape mode, but there is an issue I don’t believe you’ve addressed.

    When the calendar switches from portrait to landscape mode, it “shrinks”…smaller footprint, smaller fonts, etc. This is ok.

    The problem is that when you rotate back to portrait mode, the calendar STAYS in this shrunken state. The only way to get it back to normal for portrait mode is to delete the widget and build a new one.

    I believe it is missing a trigger to recognize when to switch back to portrait mode again. (It triggers properly into landscape…but not back again)…

    1. Hi,
      this is not controled by my app. This is a launcher bug. My app is not aware of any rotation 😉

  4. I am with Jon Widen on the usefulness of Landscape mode. Primarily to take advantage of wider screen real estate to permit Easier Reading of multiple entries or entries with lots of (text) details. One of the key features of iOS APP called Calvetica is its ability to improve Legibility in landscape view. Would be a key differentiator for Pure Grid Calendar & I suspect will be popular with users who own hi-res, wide screen smartphones. Granted there are “design-constraints” but hey! YOU are the dev guru. 😉

  5. If I may add… We are not alone here. I am currently “living” in Landscape mode as a test, and almost every app I am using now plays nicely in Landscape.

    Touchdown’s weekly cal, Exec Assistant widget (SUMMARY- cals, Emails & SMS) , Volume Control Pro, PowerAMP, LP’s Friends widget, and of course Launcher Pro itself. All with perfect Landscape & Portrait views & toggles back & forth nicely.

    1. None of widgets you are listing are doing so much things and support scrollable mode (excepted LP widget, which have much more resttricted features)….

  6. Perhaps it might help to look at pocket informant in latest beta. V1.5 build 5029. I grant this is not a widget but rather the basic program, but it seems to handle landscape without a problem. Another issue is that Pure grid already imports from PI calender, but not from PI tasks for some reason.

    1. Hi,
      first, the difference between standard app and widget is HUGE in Android. The conception is totally different and you can’t do the same thing with widgets due to Android limitation of the widget API.
      second, Pure widgets cannot get Pocket Informant tasks because PI doesn’t share them with external apps…

  7. Steve Jobs: “Add landscape mode, and make sure it looks nice”
    koxx: “It sounds hard.”
    Steve Jobs: “You’re fired. Who want’s to take over and do this?”

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