39 thoughts on “Pure messenger common problem : “I don’t receive any Facebook or Twitter messages”

  1. I get my twitter and my facebook but it seems like facebook doesnt update alot. ANd I notice the twitter side doenst display Retweets from other people’s accounts

    1. ‘doesn’t update a lot’ ? what does it means ?
      For twitter, there is not filter, I display everything sent by Twitter API, are you sure they are not displayed ? it is not a refresh problem ?
      which phone are you using ?

  2. Have Grid, Cal, and Messenger – Love all three. Having trouble with messenger notifications. Updates and refresh are working fine, but I am not able to get notification tone/vibrate to work. Have tried changing tone etc, but does not seem to work. Running Moto Droid stock with 2.1 – no task killers in use. Any suggestions? Thanks

    1. You enabled general notification in Pure messenger ?
      you picked a notif sound ?
      Does Pure messenger notify from email/gmail/sms reception ?

  3. Hi koxx3,
    i have a problem with the the twitter and facebook news refresh, the comment from facebook entry stay most of the time like this:

    *News Feed
    Loading …
    The news from this facebook entry is displayed ok

    Only the name is missing and will not refresh.
    I don’t not have a task killer for this.
    Normally is shown like this.

    *News Feed
    Mad Max
    The news from this facebook entry is displayed ok

    Do you have any idea why the name will not shown sometimes?
    Thanks you your help
    (I use a Milestone with Version 2.1)

    1. Hi,
      I see 2 reasons possible :
      – bad internet cnx during last refresh (on partial informations retrived)
      – a task killer kill the task during the refresh

  4. I’m having problems with a black Facebook widget.

    I have “enable scrollable widget” selected in Launcher Pro.

    I’m using a 4×3 scrollable widget, with Facebook enabled only.

    I have update 1 hour selected.

    On the bottom left is says I have 39 unread, but none show up.

    Sometimes when I click “refresh” they show up, sometimes they don’t.

  5. Using pure messenger just for Twitter updates on Incredible on Launcher Pro. For some reason, I am not getting updated tweets. I have polling period set to 1 hour. When I click refresh it says refreshing, but no new tweets. When I go on the twitter app, I see the new tweets fine. I add and removed the widget, same results.

  6. Hi,
    I’m using pure messenger and Twitter doesn’t update. Actually no one twit is showing. I believe it is a registration problem of messenger. I’m having Touiteur and the standard Twitter app installed and for what ever reason messenger is exclusively using Touiteur for the registration and I always fails to register in messenger (I believe thats the reason). Registration in Touiteur and Twitter is working.

    1. Hi,
      I had few users report of Twitter registration failure, but I didn’t had chance to search this. Can you email me please . (see about page).

  7. I’m having the same problem with Twitter not updating in Pure Messenger. I had been using Plume (aka Touiteur) which worked fine with my Twitter feed. I have K9 running for Yahoo! email and also have gmail. Both email feeds update, but not Twitter. I tried signing out of Twitter and re-establishing permissions and rebooting my Droid X – no good.

  8. Greetings,

    Pure messenger does not show email messages at all. I have K-9 for pure enabled and Gmail enabled. Nothing. It worked beautifully when I first got it. I had to restore my phone to factory settings and now can’t get it to work. I am on a Droid Incredible running the latest android.

    1. Does it show anything ?
      Are you in scrollable mode ? if yes, BE SURE you enabled scrollable mode in the launcher

  9. It goes out with sign-in for pure messengr access when enable of twittar is checked, and there is no list and clicking is ..reeling.. [su] though pure messenger is used. How do I come to be able to see twittar?Andoroid2.1 twicca is used for REGZA is04. The home application program is ADW EX.

    1. Hi,
      sorry, but I don’t understand. Do you manage to login on twitter for Pure messenger ? I don’t understand what you want with ‘twittar’

      1. Are English I and I’m sorry ..not good… If it is good, could you sequentially teach the setting method to see twittar with puremessenger widgets?Thank you very much.

  10. Er…Hi, my tweets just stopped overnight out of the blue on pure messenger.. My tweets are still coming though on plume and my emails etc are still good on messenger, been using this app for years now so it’s strange that they just stopped all of a sudden! Is there anything happening at your end or the twitter end? Thanks

  11. Thanks for the response. No worries, just wondered if It was something I’d done. Love the app btw & Pure News – I recommend them to people all the time. 🙂

    1. Hi, I am not aware of any remaining issue with Twitter. Which version of Pure messenger are you using ? did you update it ?

  12. Hello,

    I am trying to get Pure Messenger to work with my Exchange account. I have managed to install my Exchange account and it seems to authenticate succesfully. The problem I have is that the widget is not showing any e-mails. I notice it updates every X minutes as set but the widget shows 0/0 messages, even though I have received several emails less than a day ago. I’ve already tried to search for other solutions in this blog but I did not manage to find anything that works so far.

      1. Hello,

        I have just checked and can confirm that I receive e-mails in K9FP. I also checked whether it synchronises, and can confirm this also happens. Alerts pop up when I receive a new incoming message. The e-mails just don’t appear on the widget. I appreciate your time and effort.


  13. Hi… a few days ago, there was no problem.
    uhh.. Twitter messages did not appear
    diaable and re-enable twitter… but can’t login…
    ‘error loading twitter login page’ appear…
    what can I do?

  14. Since v2.8.0, I have not got any FB messages.
    I have tried to uncheck “activate” in facebook and save, back and put the check in “enable”.
    But it has not helped.

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