Pure messenger and Facebook

You have to be aware that it doesn’t show ALL the news feed.

Your Facebook messages need to have a “message” content to be displayed (for example, messages from games are often not loaded).
Another thing, when you tap refresh, it can take few minutes to refresh (it will be optimized in next version).

78 thoughts on “Pure messenger and Facebook

  1. I have not got 1 update from any type of Facebook messages. Also, Twitter seems to have stopped showing updates in the last day. I uninstall application, and re-setup all links in the config, and was able to setup Facebook sync, and twitter fine, but still not updates, and its been over 12 hours since anything.

    1. Hi,
      which phone do you have ?
      did you had some memory warning when you enter the config panel ?
      lack of update is generally a memory problem….

  2. I have a M. Droid with 2.0.1 and when I was at the config panel was able to general code, validate, and set permissions fine, and then did the finish. Was also able to enable Twitter fine also. I even tried to uninstall, and re-install, and still have same issue after re-config. I was getting g-mail updates fine.

  3. I set it to display as message rec. , will try the 15min setting. Does it make a difference what the setting is, besides the time? thanks

    1. Yes, this is VERY important.
      Twitter and Facebook messages cannot be retreive.
      You have be warned about that when you active both, but you may ignored it ….

  4. Duh, I noticed the setting message that came up and did not set it correctly when I went to the bottom of the screen. I thought it was just meaning that you would have to change it from the default setting. Getting Twitter fine now, not facebook. Will try just Facebook with out Twitter as a test. Thanks.

    1. No problem. Facebook should works…
      Next version will be less permissive to avoid problems (force 3h refresh if you miss it).

  5. I setup FACEBOOK without using Dolphin as browser, used default and this took care of the issues. Thanks again for all of the help with this, and me getting setup correctly. Going out to the market to correct my comment, and give a 5 star rating.

  6. So if we want fb and twitter updates we HAVE to set it to 3hrs? When I pull the last three days I get messages from the past three days AND current. When I pull the last 24 hours I get nothing. I KNOW there have been updates for twitter and fb since then. How to I optimize this so I get my messages for FB and twitter more than every three hours AND right when I set up the widget. Is it because I’m on list display?

    1. You have 2 options :
      – refresh period (every x hours it will pull informations from servers)
      – display period (last 3 days for example).
      Each time you refresh (x hours or refresh action), it refresh the 3 days informations in the list.

  7. Hey love this app, but you should make it so you can adjust facebook settings. I don’t wanna get the news feed, just my wall posts and inbox messages. If you could make it so you could adjust what shows so I would get only those things it would be great.

    1. AMEN! I have too many friends to be seeing all of the news feeds. They are overwhelming the page so I never see my email. For Facebook, I just want messages to me, notifications and posts to my wall.

      1. Oustanding app by the way – can’t believe it’s the only one out there. It needs some work, but I think if you implement the popular suggestions, you will soon have one of the best apps on the market.

      2. It is not so simple.
        Each new feature cost CPU and memory… and people starts to complains about this.
        But I already have in my TODO list a Facebook ‘filter’ feature…

  8. So just to be clear…In order to get Facebook and Twitter on Pure Messenger i need to meet the following: 1)Set permissions thru non-Dolphin Browser, 2)Have the widget set to search messages ‘in last 3 days’, 3) Set select update frequency to ‘3h’

    anything else? what if I have “Show only unread messages”?

    1. yes (but you can forget about the ‘non-dolphin’ now).

      “Show only unread messages” currently doesn’t works with Facebook and Twitter.

  9. I agree with Eamonn. It would be great if we could specify to NOT show items from the Facebook news feed, and just show wall posts, messages, etc.
    Awesome work so far, I love your apps!

  10. Hi François,

    I just bought your Pure Messenger widget (after Pure Calendar which works fin by the way).

    My problem is the following:
    Get code from internet browser. Then enter the code on parameter panel on Pure Messenger. Then get this message…
    “Retrieving data from facebook”
    Then “Timed out” message.

    I do not succeed since yesterday to get it work.

    I have HTC Magic with new alternative ROM OpenEclair. Otherwise, every widget works perfectly, your Pure Calendar, Beautiful widgets etc.

    Only this FB problem.

    Could you help please?

    Best regards.


  11. After several other attempts, I have now “Invalid Parameter” after putting the code I got on FB browser.
    In fact, I get a new code after each attempt, maybe the problem lies there.

  12. Sorry but I gave up.
    Cancelled purchase.
    I have no patience when things do not work properly immediately.

    I will consider another time.

    Best regards.


      1. I have exactly the same problem, trying to register pure messenger with facebook gives me “Invalid parameter”, no matter if i use stock browser or not. WiFi isn’t affcting the process either.
        What’s more, after returning “Invalid parameter”, I can’t get back to widget configuration using the ‘back’ key, but I get stuck in a looping facebook registering screen (the one you fill in your pincode).

      2. Just press finish at the bottom of the login page to exit … (yes, the page si scrollable)

      3. Oops, now you mention it… 😉 Thanks, sometimes I’m stupid.
        For now I resolved the problem by completely uninstalling pure messenger (including any folders left behind on my SD card), deleting the facebook permission for the program and starting over from scratch.

      4. Great !
        I search a lot of this ‘invalid parameter’ issue, but I found no explanation 😦
        When I’ll have time, I’ll fully move this to ‘OAuth’ login mecanisn to simplify this… but it will take time.

  13. Absolutely love the pure messenger app/interface. Unfortunately leaving the gmail messages as unread and no ability to mark twitter feeds as read (so they don’t constantly reappear) permanently are deal breakers for me. So close to perfect! Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi,
      For gmail, it’s a problem I unfortunatly can’t solve.
      For twitter, I didn’t encountered the problem. Can you discribe it more precisely ? For example, if you mark a message as read, then launch a refresh, does it unmark the message ?
      Remember, a software is never perfect, it should ALWAYS be improved to be perfect 😉
      Thanks for contacting me, I hope we’ll be able to solve this problem.

  14. Hi,

    I encountered a problem with thai text on facebook and twiter messages
    But on gmail messages,it’s worked !
    Maybe it’s caused by the font you used for facebook and twiter messages.
    Please help to fix this problem.


      1. Yes, you may follow @GoTSaMa to test thai messages.
        It’s my account.

        Thanks for your support !

      2. You may also follow @suthichai , he always tweet because he is news reporter.

      3. I’m not sure, mapbe it’s utf8.
        But on web browser I can use both utf8 and tis620.
        This app dont support utf8 ???

      4. I saw a different font used for gmail message and facebook/twiter message.
        Maybe the font you used for facebook/twiter messages is not support thai language.
        Can it be a cause of this problem ?

      5. gmail database is already formated in HTML.
        For FB & twitter, I format it myself.

      6. Oh! I see.
        Thanks for your fast response.
        Hope you can fix this problem soon.

        Best Regards.

      7. Hi,

        If the problem is the message format you kept for twitter/facebook.
        Why I can see thail messages for twitter/facebook on list view normally ?
        It’s just my comment.


      8. When I open the internal viewer, translate the text messages I get from fb & twitter into html format. I think this is the problem.
        Text to HTML need an encoding format, but I don’t know how to specifiy it 😦

      9. Any progress ?
        My bros still wait for ur new update before buying via paypal.

      10. No, I am solving more importat bugs in Pure messenger and improving Pure calendar.

  15. I have something to clarify.
    Thai messages work on the front page of widget.
    But when clicking on the facebook or twiter message, the popup message in thai language appears like a square blocks.
    But messages in english language is work fine.

  16. Is there a possible that problem occurs with twitter and facebook messages caused by font you use ?
    Because when clicking on list of gmail message I can see that message properly.

    P.S. This is just my suggestion.

  17. pure messenger is pure win but since 1 day I don’t get any profile pictures to the facebook pure messenger widget. with twitter everything is okay. Any hint?

    1. Are you using any task killer ?
      which phone model do you use ?

      I changed the cache management for FB pictures.

  18. Hi,

    I love your pure messenger and calendar widgets. Once request I have is to just display Facebook messages/wall posts that are directed at the user only. A lot of the “messages” that show up in the Messenger widget are for posts from my friends to my other friends, and it is especially annoying if I can’t see who was the poster (I can only see who is the recipient). My suggestion would be to either eliminate these messages and just show posts pertaining to the user only or to show the poster for messages between friends.

    Otherwise, great apps.


    1. I too think this widget is amazing but just want to add my voice to the call for a Facebook filter so I don’t have to receive my entire news feed, just personal wall posts and direct messages. Is there any chance this will be implemented? If so when as it would make something great perfect.

      1. Hi,
        yes it will be done… just be patient.
        Pure messenger still have a loooot of problem to solve and features to add. Just have a look on the description page, you’ll see all features wating for being added 😉

  19. Is there any chance of disabling notifications for news feeds? Getting notifications every time someone posts a status update can get a bit old. That’s the only problem I have right now with the widget. It’s much better than the LauncherPro version IMO.

    One last night, any way to have comments open the actual Facebook app as opposed to the web version of Facebook? IE: click on a status update, click comments, and it opens the browser instead of Facebook app.

  20. Hi I purchased pure messenger, it’s very nice but I have a problem with facebook messages, not all of them show up even though they appear on my home in facebook and in the official facebook app / widget. I checked my settings and made sure pure messenger has all the permissions and also checked that I see feeds from all friends not just the ones I interact most with. To be honest this problem recently started to affect all facebook app i tried, except the official one (htc sense, samsung social hub, color widget and launcher pro.)

    I really hope you can help me solve this problem. 🙂

    1. Hi,
      I known, I have the same problem. Facebook API seems to have problems since few days/weeks… They do not return all informations. Some are missing… I searched many many hours to finally find this explanation (bug report on the Facebook API, and many many users comlpains), but no solution 😦
      We have to wait for the fix from Facebook…

      1. Hmm, that’s good to know… I was about to try a different FB widget but if it’s affecting all 3rd party alternatives I guess I won’t bother. It’s been going on for about a month now tho, if not longer. It has actually forced me to use the dreaded FB app when I used to rely solely on the Pure widget. 😦

        There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the posts or feed elements that it skips, quite annoying since at this point there seem to be more things missing than present within the Pure FB feed, almost makes it useless for FB.

  21. Thank you for responding so promptly ,it’s kinda frustrating though. Did you get any response yet on the bug report?

    ps: I ticked to receive an email for follow up comments but did not receive one….
    pps: did you know HTC released opensense an sdk to develop sense widget?

    1. FB bug : no, no answer. I searched all the week-end for a bypass (using another API, extending permissions … ) … but nothing worked.

      PS1 : on the blog ? If yes, I can’t do anything, it’s pure wordpress blog 😉
      PS2 : yes… but nothing open yet. I asked them if the scrollable API will be part of it …. no answer.

  22. hi nice app but i have a problem whit gmail only one account is update in pure messenger the second are not listet in the list but the masseges are in the gmail app.

    sorry for my bad english 😉

  23. Hello,
    nice App 🙂 It refreshes my facebook messages quite okay but is it possible to show the latest message of a facebook conversation? By now, I always see the first one.
    Like A sent to B, C and D: “Hello, how are you”
    B (thats me e.x.) answers to them “Im fyn”.
    C then says “when do u we meet”
    Then I still see “hello hw r u”… could u please change this?

  24. Hey koxx3,

    great app! I have the same wish like David. The widget only shows the first message of a facebook conversation. It would be better to see the newest one.
    By the way: Why isn’t it possible to answer a facebook message directly out of the widget? Is this maybe prohibited by facebook in some weird kind of way?

    1. Hi,
      For FB comments, there is may be a possiblity to get the first 30 first instead of the 2 last… it will use more bandwith (need to make a request on EACH post), but that may be possible .
      Please push this request in the suggestion module : https://koxx3.wordpress.com/suggestions/
      It allows me to know how many people could be interested by such features.

      For reply, I don’t understand. Are you talking about public or private message ? for public message, no problem to ‘post’ or ‘comment’.


  25. Pure messenger shows Facebook messages from 3 of my best friends.. The Setup for all Best friends in Facebook are absolute the Same. Could you help me? I have a Samsungs galaxy s2. Klaus

    1. I display everything returned by the Facebook API. Unfortunatly, it seems some datas are sometimes missing from the Facebook API stream.

  26. I have the Pure Messenger app. Best widget by far. I do have a question that I cannot seem to find an answer for. I like that I can view specific posts using the internal viewer. However when I comment through the internal viewer, it never posts. Is there a way for Pure Messenger to open up a specific post on Twitter or Facebook if the internal viewer is disabled? This is probably more of a limitation of those apps.

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