New device arriving for advanced testing …

Just ordered ! Just have to wait few more days …


13 thoughts on “New device arriving for advanced testing …

  1. The widgets i own (Grid Calendar, Messenger, News) work pretty well on my Galaxy Nexus, including scrollable widgets (in both the standard and Nova Launcher) and resizing.

    1. Some already supports resize:
      – Pure calendar if scrollable,
      – Pure news,
      – Pure messenger if scrollable,
      – Pure Grid in vertical if scrollable.
      The situation won’t change unless Google improve the widget API which lead to important technical restrictions on layouts management.

  2. Hi everybody!
    I have the Pure Messenger installed on my Nexus S with ICS.
    How can I put the widget? When I long press, I can only chose a Wallpaper and not a widget. In my Widgets list, Pure Messenger does not appear.

    Could you please help me?

    Thanks a lot!

      1. Hello!
        Thanks for your answer. I’ve checked in the Widgets list but found nothing.
        Maybe it is a problem with the installation…

        I’ll try to reinstall the apply…


      2. @koxx3:
        Reinstallation and now it works great!
        It would be great to add in the Facebook tab, a status update space.

        Anyway, this is great how it is already!


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