[Pure Grid calendar] Pocket Informant and Honeycomb sizes

Pure Grid calendar now support Pocket Informant tasks and have HoneyComb full widget sizes

Nota: for Pocket informant tasks, currently, the auto-refresh doens’t works. We have to wait for the next Pocket Informant version to fix this.


14 thoughts on “[Pure Grid calendar] Pocket Informant and Honeycomb sizes

  1. Hi, Can you modify pure grid calendar so that it renders like pure calendar, the two widgets never seem to be the same size, if widgets are scrollable why the date boxes scroll vertically and resize horizontally?

    This is what my screen is like at the moment:

    1. Currently, I can’t do it…. I wish I could .
      And I think you used the launcher resize feature which is a bad idea because it’s not allowed and supported. Result: the header bar of Pure calendar is ugly.

  2. I have a samsung android smartphone, however, I haven’t tried this one. With the looks of it, it is worth a try. What is the application’s name in Adroid Market? Would you be so kind to answer me?


    1. It’s ‘Pure calendar’ and ‘Pure Grid calendar’ ofr my widgets. Now for task manager and advanced calendar manager, you have ‘Pocket Informant’.

  3. Is there the ability to display one day, rather than a week or a month? Does it do regular task refresh with any of the task programs listed? Thanks.

  4. I have pocket informant and many of my tasks are undated (e.g. movies I want to see). Is it possible to display only overdue and till today tasks (even better to have smg like a future range. Tasks to be completed in the next xxx days.

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