[Pure widgets] Adapt widgets for Xoom

Yes, I finally received my Xoom tablet.

I am preparing updates for all Pure widgets.
First update will be for fixing skins rendering.
Later, Honeycomb scrollable widgets.


16 thoughts on “[Pure widgets] Adapt widgets for Xoom

  1. When do you think k9 for pure will work on tHe xoom? I can load it from the market but there is still a problem connecting with the smtp server. My had this same problem when earlier and they resolved it. It would be great if you could get that working. Thanks

    1. Update started 1 day ago.
      Needs 7/10 days to finish the udpate… don’t know if I’ll have time before my holidays (in 7 days)

  2. Thanks, really looking forwardto having it on my xoom! Hopefully you can get to it before your holiday. Thanks for your continued support!

    1. I think I found the issue about Xoom market visibility. I published 2.1.8 to fix it, can you see it now ?
      I think it will need some widget size fixing.
      I’ll do it when I’ll be back from my holidays.
      And I’ll add native Android 3.0 scrolling too πŸ˜‰

  3. I got my xoom this week as well. What are the changes of “email connector for pure” being used for pulling out messages from the default android/mail database, instead of using k9? I’d prefer to keep the default client. When you use k9, i assume it pulls down a second copy of the mail headers, if not the messages themselves? I assume using the email connector would require root access on the xoom, as it does on the nexus one?

    the pure calender widget works great, i’ll say. I’m using both the mail & widget apps on my nexus one, and looking forward to having them on my xoom. Koxx, if you want anyone to do some testing, let me know if i can help.

    1. Hi,
      Email connector is veery particular, it use undocumented API of email app. Hopefully, source code of stock email application are open (thanks Google).
      Unfortunatly, when handset maker change the application by his own closed source and undocumented API, it’s MUCH MUCH more difficult.
      I sometime use ‘backsmali’ to uncompile apps and scrute the code to catch some API, but it very difficult.
      This is why HTC email app is still not integrated. Closed API …

      About K9FP, you are right, it fully replace/duplicate features offered by stock app.

      I’ll check if I can get the email connector work on the Xoom when I’ll be back from my holidays.


  4. Hello K3 Love the widgets!

    Any luck on getting the gmail widget to work on the Xoom? I’d really like that last piece to complete my tablets homescreens.


    1. Hi,
      good question…
      I tried during 1h, and no luck. The Gmail (closed source) API seems to have been fully changed by Google… and nobody managed to read gmail database from this new version 😦
      I’ll retry later, and I hope I’ll get more chances.

      1. I know you are on vacation so no rush but just wanted to see when you might have the k9 for pure and pure messenger working together on the xoom. I can download both from the market on the xoom but as my earlier posts states there is a smtp issue. As for pure messenger widget I install it but since I cannot set up k9 for pure it does not really help me.

        Let me know when you might have this working for the xoom.


      2. Yes, I know, I am proting the latest version of K9 to K9FP to fix this. Need few more weeks :/

  5. Hi,

    Longtime fan of your calendar widget and the one request/wish i have for an upcoming version of the widget is a skin update that aligns in both size and look with the gmail widget thats included with the xoom πŸ™‚

    If i can be of any help to make it happen, email me and i will help you do so πŸ™‚

    1. Hi,
      no so simple for Xoom.
      There is 2 issues :
      – the layout is not same (bigger header bar), and cannot be changed in my widget
      – the Xoom widget header background cannot be extended due to his lines (it would be ugly)

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