[Pure widgets] Widget scrollable mode in Go Launcher Ex 2.14


if you are use Go Launcher Ex 2.14, there is a bug on scrollable click management in last version of Go Launcher.
Please contact their dev team to ask them to publish a fix quickly..

I can’t solve this from Pure widgets.

March 18 : latest news on Go Launcher website : “we will release version 2.15 tomorrow.”

March 19 : version 2.15 published and solved the bug


6 thoughts on “[Pure widgets] Widget scrollable mode in Go Launcher Ex 2.14

  1. Is it at least possible to be able to choose between old version of pure widgets, where, i guess (i installed pure messenger widget today), everything worked fine in go launcher? Because i just bought this app and i cant use it neither in go launcher (because of click bug), neither in sense (no scrollable widget support) nor in launcher pro (blank message bug) …

    1. For Go launcher Ex 2.13, ask to the go launcher dev team or google it to find the APK (example : http://down.androidonline.net/upload/2011-03s/com.gau.go.launcherex.apk).
      For Launcher Pro, it seems dev completly stopped working on the current LP branch (and never fixed his bug since november).
      ADW Launcher (EX or not) and Zeam works fine.

      For your information, there is no bug in Pure widgets about this. Using an older version won’t change anything.
      And not only Pure widgets are affected, but ALL scrollable widgets (like contact scrollable widget or AAW).

  2. DONE!
    Their answer: Sorry to go launcher EX to bring you the trouble, and we sincerely apologize! Thank you for the same time go launcher EX has been the support and understanding.
    We will fix the problem at next update!please waitting!
    Thanks for your support !

  3. love the launcher really nice and the bugs My launcher auto updated yesterday and the bug I loved was fixed and I was sad. the bug……no dock no app drawer button when user tries a custom button….this was all i wanted in a phone was zero crap on screen now its fixed and when I tried older APK files no luck it keeps installing current up to date version I was hoping and asking nicely if the super smart dev can add an option to hide the dock all together or just the app drawer icon I mean eveyone knows what it does and where it is at right lol NE ways thx

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