[Pure news] Looking for partners

I’d like to start the development of Pure News/Rss widget.

For this, I’d like to avoid developing the sync process and promote a Android news reader tools partnership (like I do for TouchDown or tasks managers in Pure calendar) to offer a better widget display and let users choose for their prefered tool.

If any anybody is interested, I’ll be glad to work with you (some conditions are required, we’ll discuss about it in private).

What would be your prefered News Reader to integrate ? (I precise, it won’t work with the official Google Reader app because it doesn’t offer any public interface).


16 thoughts on “[Pure news] Looking for partners

    1. Yes, Newsrob would be my first choice as well. Already a very good and ergonomic application, just missing a pretty, configurable widget.

  1. I use Pulse. Not sure if they offer an API. They have a widget, but offers no configuration and would rather have a layout like the other Pure widget offerings. I use both Pure Messenger and Pure Calendar. I’d be happy to be involved in this development in anyway I can. I’m a developer myself and manage a software development team.

    1. Currently, I think none of them are offering an API… but BeyoundPod just contacted me πŸ˜‰
      And thanks for your offer ! πŸ™‚

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