[Pure messenger] Version updated to 2.0.7 !

Version 2.0.7 :
+ new scrollable message view types : with text only, without type/subject
+ new option : show only last message from each user
+ gmail delete now move message to trash
+ new Info page format

Don’t forget, if you have any idea to improve Pure messenger, submit them !

Nota: be careful, version 2.0.5 & 2.0.6 was buggy and cannot list gmail. Please, be sure you are using version 2.0.7 before contacting me about gmail. Sorry for this temporary issue …


42 thoughts on “[Pure messenger] Version updated to 2.0.7 !

  1. Since the update Gmail widget is not working I just get a blank widget. All other PM widgets (FB/Plume) working fine..

  2. This the last update, my Mails aren’t showing on the list view widget. Bit of a nuisance, ad this was my main reason for buying this app. (HTC Desire HD)

      1. Just installed the latest update. Unfortunately Gmail is still not showing on my 4×4 List View Widget. Have all the settings set up correctly. HTC Desire HD

  3. As already stated: Gmail does not show up at all anymore. Neither new mail or existing recent mail, all of which disappeared from widget after updating. SE Xperia X10 running 1.6.

    1. As it’s said in on the page, you need to update in 2.0.7. This problem is confirmed as solved by multiple users.

      1. Here some important points :
        – have at least 30Mb of free internal memory to allow Android to keep all services runing in background. Below, Android kill starts to kill services. No service = no refresh
        – never use any task killer (even with Pure messenger excluded). Task killer can have impact on other related apps.

  4. When using a unified inbox, viewing an email does not clear the ‘new email’ notifier in the homescreen notifier.

    If you navigate to the individual account and view the email there, it works.

    This is for POP emails (unified has 1 POP + 1 gmail account)

      1. K9 notification (envelope with @ and red circle with message count) – in my taskbar.

        I don’t have the messenger widget installed.

        Actually, I installed K9 to use the widget, then discovered that my country does not support paid apps and so cannot download messenger though the marketplace (it is visible in Appbrain), but not in Market. I kept K9 because I really like the unified inbox.

        Annoying….I want to give you money for the Messenger app but cannot. I even tried to setup Google Checkout, only to discover a bug in Checkout and had to put in a Support Ticket to Google who confirmed that I had found a new problem.

        If I tied a couple of dollar bills to the leg of a carrier pigeon and sent it to you, it would probably get eaten by a golden eagle in transit.

  5. Follow up: also occurs when a gmail new message is received.

    Switching to viewing the individual account will clear the ‘new email’ icon – you don’t have to actually open that email, just view the list in the account folder. nothing you do in Unified inbox will clear that icon.

  6. Thnx for this great widget!
    It would be even better if it also had rss feeds.
    Than it would be THE BEST all in one widget in the market!

    1. Thanks 😉
      Rss will come with a ‘Pure News / Rss widget’.
      I am contacting major News grabber devs, like NewsRob, for partnerships.

      1. Your apps are great koxx – lots of us out here using them happily – thing is you’re just going to hear the negative on market, don’t let it get you down.

  7. Keep the faith!

    For the sake of your sanity, ignore the market comments as there are awful lot of people posting comments who don’t have 2 brain cells to rub together.

    If you want to reassure yourself – go take a look at reviews for live wallpapers. They are filled with 1 star reviews from users too stupid to work out how to use a wallpaper.

    These are the same people who leave comments on your products.

  8. I have just upgraded K9 for Pure and my unified inbox no longer appears in Pure Messenger Widget, it only shows the Inbox’s of the 3 accounts I have installed. The problem is that I move my read messages to other IMAP folders and have those linked to the unified inbox. I need these to display :/

    1. Sorry, but I think it has no relationship with lat release. I changed only 1 line of code, and it has nothing to do with inufied box.

      1. Is my Unified inbox supposed to display in PMW or is it only the inboxes that are usually displayed? Have you ever added other IMAP folders to the unified inbox? What were your results? Lemme know, thanks.

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