[Pure messenger] Who is having refresh issues ?


I often see Pure Messenger widget with Market comments like ‘it doesn’t refresh’ … it’s very frustrating because they never contact me.

So … do you have refresh issues ?
If yes, please, tell me more :
1 – which phone do you use ?
2 – which ROM is it ?
3 – do you use task killer ?
4 – how much free memory do you have ?
5 – which providers are you using (gmail, sms …)

Here some important points :
– have at least 30Mb of free memory to allow Android to keep all services runing in background. Below, Android kill starts to kill services. No service = no refresh
– never use any task killer (even with Pure messenger excluded). Task killer can have impact on other related apps.


76 thoughts on “[Pure messenger] Who is having refresh issues ?

  1. Hi,

    I only have refresh issues in case I don’t select in “System” the force Android option. I guess this option is made to solve this. The only thing is I can’t get the missed calls icon on the tray when I have this option activated.


    1. Hi,
      ok, thanks for contacting me.
      So, when you receive a new email, it is not automatically show in the widget, right ?
      I’ll need you to make a test for me :
      – enter the widget config (disable the ‘force foreground’ option if not already done’)
      – press ‘save & exit’
      – send an email at your gmail from a computer or something else than your phone
      – when you see the message arriving in the phone gmail app, then send me a logcat

      To send a logcat, please, read this :

      It will help me to understand what’s hapening.


  2. Sorry I forgot including details about my phone:

    Nexus One, stock froyo 2.2.1, no task killer, gmail accounts, Memory 145 + 127

  3. Since the wee hours this morning the widget is not deleting the messages although it says it is doing so. Now facebook is not showing names just “Loading …” with the message. It’s very annoying.
    I have a lg optimus gt540f running 1.6 – this is new it didn’t happen before 😦
    SMS, FaceBook, Calls, Gmail. Taskiller is set to ignore.

    1. I have seen this glitch 1 or 2 times (the FB ‘loading’ for user name and icon), but I have never been able to reproduce it 😦

    1. Does it keep it in K9 ? or in Pure messenger ? or in both ?
      Do you use POP3 or IMAP or Exchange ?
      Did you enable the ‘unread only’ option of Pure messenger ?
      Did you update Pure messenger AND ‘K9 For Pure’ to latest versions ? This is VERY IMPORTANT.

  4. Salut,

    Sur mon magic, j’ai eu des problèmes avec :
    Cyanogen 6
    La 1ère rom basée sur le Froyo T-Mobile

    Aucun problème sur Cyanogen 6.1

    Home utilisé : Launcher Pro

    A chaque fois, fournisseur gmail + SMS

    1. Bonjour,
      Sur un magic, la mémoire est trop faible pour faire fonctionner ce widget dans de bonnes conditions.
      Il faut au moins activer l’option ‘forcer Android a conserver le widget actif’… sans ca, a mon avis Android tue en parmence le service pour essayer de recuperer de la mémoire.

  5. I have the evo 4g using baked snack 1.9. I don’t use a task killer. After updating k9 pure the internal viewer no longer works for my email account in pure messenger widget scroll. I also use launcher pro plus (scrolling widgets are enabled). Please advise.

    1. Hi,
      First, be ABSOLUTELY SURE that you updated BOTH applications : K9FP AND Pure messenger.
      Then, please, contact me by email (see about page).

  6. Hi,

    I have a Galaxy S with JPU (2.2.1) and 223/339MB ram memory and with big problems of refresh. The notifications of gmail arrive to the bar but the skin doesn´t show the mail. I’ve tried with the force android option but it´s the same. If i refresh manually sometimes doesn’t appear all the e-mails of all accounts. I have configurated 3 gmail accounts,sms and calls and nothing else (no facebook, no twitter and no POP/IMAP).

    1. Hi,
      are you using any task killer ?
      Does automatic refresh works sometimes or never ?
      Are you using scrollable mode ? if yes, with which launcher ?

  7. Excuse me, perhaps I forget some important details: I haven`t any task killer, the phone is rooted and there is no installed any lagfix.


    1. ok, and about automatic refresh, does it works sometimes ?
      do you get some Force Close of Pure messenger or Gmail sometime ?

      1. the automatic refresh sometimes works but it´s the exception. Since I instal the JPU I don´t get any force close of any kind.

  8. Mine works fine sometimes and sometimes doesn’t; usually I can click the refresh button to get it back going but sometimes I have to remove and re-add the widget.

    T-Mobile G2
    Android 2.2
    I have Advanced Task Killer Free installed but I don’t think it does anything automatically
    78MB free RAM of 371MB total
    Gmail, SMS and calls

    1. I tried K9 for Pure today, and had no luck: SMS updates seem timely, but the emails don’t update at all unless I refresh. Til now, I have had K9 and Gmail set up, with updates only coming from Gmail (on purpose). It worked out well enough except that a few times a day, it would get stuck and I would have to click the refresh button to wake it up.

      Now that I switched to K9 for Pure, I get no updates for email at all, though the messages show up if I refresh.

      Just FYI,

      1. I found a small bug on refresh when enable/disable a provider.
        It is fixed, I’ll publish the udpate in 1 minute.


  9. I’m using HTC Desire, i don’t use a task-killer (if it counts, appcontrol), 2.2 froyo. Using gmail. I don’t use pure for sms or call, only mail, facebook/twitter.

    The widget doesn’t refresh the mail. First it worked fine, but now the refresh-process stays ‘in progress’. What can i do about it? Do I need K-9mail?

    Regards, David

  10. with juice defender it doesn’t refresh. JD enables data connection one minute of 15 for battery safing. Would it be possible a push system? Thanks

  11. I have the K-9 pure loaded, and it works great. Except for Ghost Mail. on the accounts page it has the number of email (unread) listed, but when I go there there is no email in the folder. Is there an easy way to get rid of this?

    1. Can you try with the new version published today ?
      If it doesn’t work inside K9FP, I can’t do anything. I just make the mod for the official K9… that’s all. Sorry.

  12. OK Thanks, I uninstalled that version and installed K-9 Mail. Guess I will see if it does it there. Thanks for your help.


  14. I’m experiencing a few issues which may or may not be refresh related.

    1) Changing time display format seems to have no effect in native viewer. Widget says it refreshes database, but there is no difference.

    2) When “main” calls are enabled, I see incoming and missed calls no matter if they are individually enabled or not. Outgoing calls are never seen. Widget says it refreshes database, but there is no difference.

    3) I don’t see outgoing sms at all. Perhaps it’s by design?

    1 – which phone do you use ?
    HTC Legend
    2 – which ROM is it?
    CM 6.1
    3 – do you use task killer?
    4 – how much free memory do you have?
    36 MB internal flash, 117 MB RAM
    5 – which providers are you using (gmail, sms …)
    Gmail, SMS, Call

    Please feel free to contact me via mail if this is not the appropriate forum.

      1. logcat has been sent a few seconds ago. I did this:
        – cleared log
        – deselected outgoing and incoming calls in Pure
        – save and exit
        – selected outgoing and incoming calls in Pure
        – save and exit
        – collected and sent log to you

  15. Pure Messenger: I am trying to stop all alerts/notifications of new messages in my notification bar. My gmail notifications are off and I have nothing checked/set up for notifications in Pure Messenger settings. Id very much appreciate your input. Samsung intercept, 2.1.


  16. Hi, I’m using pure calendar agenda, but I also have refresh issues (after updating to froyo on legend). On eclair it was fine with don’t kill service, but now it rarely refreshes. Can you please help me, thanks.

    1. Hi,
      Is it an official Froyo update ?
      How much free internal memory do you have ?
      You need to keep at least 30mb of free memory to avoid widget killing by Android.

      1. Yes, it is the official Froyo update. I have around 50~60mb free. Are there any other possibilities? Thanks

    2. Can you send me a logcat by email just after pressin ‘save & exit’ from the widget config ? (see about page for my email).

  17. Does this count as refresh issues?

    I regularly get unremovable twitter messages (only seems to be twitter so far) – clicking delete, or “mark as read” when “view only unread!” is checked, says it’s updating the view, but they don’t go away and the unread cont doesn’t go down.

    After some indeterminable time they disappear, but the number that get stuck like this seems to be climbing – started at 2, then 11, now 35 after two days of use.

    I had this issue the last time I tried Pure Messenger, several months ago, and coupled with lag issues (thank you Samsung) it was pretty much unusable. Now I’ve got the phone issues sorted, I figured I’d try it again, since it does exactly what I want (and it seems to be the only thing that does). But the indestructable tweets bug still seems to be present.

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S
    Rom: stock 2.1 first time, 2.2.1 with voodoo kernel lag-fix and root this time
    No task-killer.
    No idea on memory use – how do I find out?
    Everything enabled (SMS, Mail via K9FP, Twitter, Facebook)

    1. This is not a refresh issue.
      Unfortunatly, you are few users to report such problem and I have never been able to reproduce it.
      Can you try few days with ‘unread only’ option ?

      1. Actually, with the “unread only” option /off/, and a reboot to clear the built up messages, I’m yet to see it re-appear.

        Still early days, but looking good so far…

      2. ok, let me know.

        Was it older messages, or first messages, or any of them ?

        I’ll try the ‘unread’ option during few days

  18. hey..great app..still got some issues with it

    i’m on an hd2 with a custom rom (Copes AOSP SD HD2 GB232/CM7 A2SD).

    i’m using k9 version for pure messenger

    gmail account gets updated without a problem (through k9 and not through the native app). yahoo and hotmail only update if i open k9 and press the refresh button.

    the “force” function is enabled..still not working

    thanks for your time

    1. Hi,
      be sure you set a refresh period for the account in K9FP. The problem seems located in K9FP, no need to set ‘force foreground service’ in the widget, it has no impact on K9FP.
      Be sure you are not using any task killer.

  19. Okay, update after using it for an extended period.

    Using it without “show unread only” reduces the frequency, but it does still occur.

    When going through from newest to oldest (is there an option to reverse the order of display, btw?), deleting as I go, eventually one twitter (it’s always twitter) message well be un-deletable. After that, all others will be also. The notification the message has been deleted pops up every time, but the message remains.

    The position this happens at seems random, sometimes only the last few, sometimes almost all of them, usually somewhere in the middle. Note also other message types remain deletable even when interspersed with the immortal tweets.

    I hope that’s sufficient information.

    1. No, there is no option to reverse the older-newer, but you can submit it to the suggestion module 😉

      For nu-deletable, I really need to fix this, but I am not able to reproduce it 😦
      I really need to find a patern.
      Anyway, If you can contact me by email to try to solve this, it would be great.

  20. Hi, I’m having same problem as cruise and it is very frustrating. I hope you’re able to fix this soon. If you need any info to help you debug the issue let me know. Thanks (HTC Desire – Froyo)

  21. Hi:)
    Great job with your application but sometimes I have this problem too. I am using a Galaxy S with Insanity ROM, more than 150 of free memory, no task killers and I have the same issue with k9 pure and sms. I have to click the refresh button because all the rows disappear and I only have a blank space. Could you help me? Anyway great app!!

  22. I’m so stupid, sorry. I was reading the page in mobiel version and I didn’t see other pages. I’m trying 🙂
    Sorry for wasting your time.

  23. Hi,
    I just installed Pure Messenger and am having trouble getting recent calls to show up. Everything else works fine, but no matter what I do, none of today’s outgoing/incoming/missed calls show up. Calls from the day before do show up. I am using a Galaxy S2, Android 4.3.3
    Kind regards

  24. Hi all,

    Is there a way to keep emails in the list? I use a scrollable widget and everything shows up AND new emails show but disappear from the list, not sure when. I have “only unread messages” off (NOT ticked”.


  25. bought and worked for 2 days, now not refreshing, emails r coming into k9 ok, but not being picked up by pure messenger.
    using launcher pro
    pop3 – bt
    no other services used,
    phone – samsung galaxy s2

  26. Hi my issue is on miui 1.9.16 (Mytouch 4G)
    The problem is that the widget is just blank. It obtained root and found my emails fine. It even shows 50(4) in the bottom left which is correct for the number of emails(new emails) and changes as they become read.
    I can’t figure out why it does not show the actual emails but it can clearly see them.
    Also I have tried to change the widget type from scrollable to normal and to list only with no change. I am not running any task killers. I am only using it for email.
    Hopefully you can shed some light on my situation. Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      Are you using a supported Launcher or the stock MIUI launcher ?
      If you are using MIUI launcher, please try with a supported launcher like ADW or Go Launcher.

  27. 1 – HTC EVO 4G
    2 – Using AWD Launcher EX
    3 – No task killer
    4 – 74MB of internal flash, 210MB of free RAM
    5 – Using SMS

    I get a notification from my phone, but when I go to the widget it doesn’t show up.

      1. How many in total or how many pure Widgets?

        I have four total on my home screens. Pure Gris Calendar, Pure Messanger, Google Search, and Digital Ckock Widget.

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