Galaxy Tab received

Ahhh … it was time !

I finally receive my Galaxy Tab.
I’ll be able to optimize my widgets for this tablet.

Anybody interested by 4×5, 5×5 or 5×4 sizes ?

Pure calendar will soon be updated to be fully compatible with Galaxy Tab.


17 thoughts on “Galaxy Tab received

  1. Hi Francois,

    Just downloaded the pure calendar widget. Seriously interested in 5×5 size (as I use launcher pro).

    However, I had a question, why is 2*3 not available? On my Desire Z I only get 4*2, 4*3 , 4*4 and 4*4 XL?

  2. Ho
    I have a galaxy tab and would be very interested in any development. I just bought messenger and cant make it work with two gmail accounts? Can only sync one. Please fix!

      1. Thanks for the effort. Fixed it with workaround myself. Concentrate on update to GTab insted. Thanks for great widget! Will set 5 stars!

  3. Can wait for bigger widgets, using a Archos 70, LauncherPro can resize the widget but the text wont fill the new widget size.

  4. @koxx3: Any plans to update the pure grid and pure messenger for 5×4 and 5×5 sizes ? My Galaxy Tab needs 5×4 Pure love :).

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