Holidays !


I am in holidays from October 28th to November 14th.
Support will be slow during this period.
If you have a problem, I strongly advise you to read FAQ :
Most problems already have solutions in the FAQ.

And for all suggestions, don’t forget to use the suggestion module 😉

I’ll come back to you after my holidays.

Francois @ Pure widgets


8 thoughts on “Holidays !

  1. I have installed pure grid calendar widget on my Galaxy S GT-I9000. I’m very happy with the design of the weekly view, but unfortunately changing the week is very slow. Sometimes the widget refuses for a minute or more to switch back to the previous week after pressing several times the button. To switch to the current week isn’t working either.
    It’s hardly impossible to browse through the calendar to organize a appointment.

    1. Sorry, but you have to understand that widgets are not good to ‘browse’ anything. The Android widget architecture make it very slow (have to rebuild everything)… you need to launch the real calendar app to browse.

  2. I’m planning to buy an android tablet (i.e. Auguen Gentouch78)

    Will Pure Calendar allow me to sync my Google Calendar on the device calendar?
    Or does the app create its own calendar to be used?

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