[Pure Grid Calendar] Now supporting TouchDown Exchange calendars

After so many requests in the suggestion pages (to submit ideas or requests, go here), I decided to add TouchDown support to Pure grid calendar 🙂
If you have any problem with it, do not hesitate to contact me.


13 thoughts on “[Pure Grid Calendar] Now supporting TouchDown Exchange calendars

  1. It’s great! Just what I needed! I have been having problems with the Pure Calendar (agenda) in that it doesn’t load when I turn the phone back on (even after I uninstall and reinstall), but I’m not sure I even need it now. The Pure Grid Calendar is great now with both gmail and TouchDown calendars combined.

  2. This is really cool. Unfortunately I live in Croatia, and I cannot buy via android Market (not even after extension of supported countries that is going to be soon). I can pay via PayPal and I can “survive” fact that I would not be able to get refund.

    Can you provide alternative way to buy Pure Grid Calendar ?

  3. Hi!

    I have the same problem as Sharon, I unse Touchdown for work (Exchange 2007) and I bought the Pure Calender (agenda) yesterday.

    When my screensaver has been hit on and I wait for a while and then unlock my phone the widget is totaly empty for all the days. First after I´ve been into Touchdown and clicking around on the phone randomly the widget gets updated!!

    Isn´t that strange?!

    1. Hi,

      yes, it’s a problem with TouchDown auto-kill feature.
      The next TouchDown version should improve this.


  4. I use both Touchdown and the free version of Got to Do. If I purchase the full version of Got to Do will both tasks show in the widget or is it just one task source or the other?

    1. you’ll be able to see all calendars (Google and TouchDown) + 1 task provider (TouchDown OR GTD).
      It you want to see multiple task providers, please vote for the idea in the suggestion module.

  5. Hi koxx,
    Thanks for this useful widget (Pure Grid Calendar) !!
    Just a question : the small left ans right arrows used to change week ou month (depending on the view you choose) are not easily reachable in the XXL size.
    Is there an easier way to scroll weekly or monthly ?
    May be a vertical scroll option could be set to change week or month ? (in a future version ?)
    Best regards from France 😉

    1. Ah … mais si le ‘best regards’ vient de france, je repond en francais. Non de diou 😉
      Donc, primo, il ne faut pas taper sur la fleche en particulier, mais n’importe ou dans la cellule de qui contient la fleche comme expliqué dans la page d’information.
      Ensuite, il y a le mode scrollable qui peut etre activé pour faire défiler beaucoup plus facilement les semaines/mois.
      Bonne soirée, et bonne année !

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