[Pure messenger] Update of K9 For Pure

I had a little free time today to update K9 for Pure (between StarCraft 2 missions … lol).
It is now at the level of last sources of official K9.

IMAP IDLE (push) works now much better !

To test it: here it is.

Ignore the version checking message in Pure messenger config panel.

I’ll wait some users feedbacks before publishing it on the market. So, please, test it !



5 thoughts on “[Pure messenger] Update of K9 For Pure

  1. I purchased Pure Grid Calendar and have two irritating issues! I have a Droid X with Android 2.2 and with and LCD Density Modification.
    Issue one: I noticed that this calendar will not update with Touchdown Exchange info, I hope you have a fix for that or can tell me wat issue I may be having.
    Issue two: I notice that the calender itself is scalable which is awesome, but the background for the clendars do not scale. That seems odd. This is 100% do to my LCD density mod but it would nice if omplemented. Thanks for listening.

    1. Issue one: Pure Grid calendar doesn’t support TouchDown calendars (and has never supported it … even if you can see the list in the last vesion). It is not announced supported. It will may be supported in few weeks.
      Issue two: LCD density hack is not supported, and it won’t be. It is already very VERY VERY difficult to stay compatible with all Android devices (and with tablets will be even more difficult). So, sorry, but I don’t want to loose my time on such hack.

  2. I am a bit confused about the K9 for Pure app. Is it still necessary? And, if so, do I need both K9 and K9 for Pure installed or just K9 for Pure?

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