[Pure calendar] Astrid 3 issues

Some users contacted me about issues after the Astrid 3 update.

It seems Astrid 3 instroducted a lot of changes…

Here is the status if current issues :
– task edition broken : fixed in Pure calendar. Ready for next release.
– task relisting after save/delete broken : need Astrid code modification -> Astrid code modified, waiting for market release -> fixed in Astrid 3.0.6
– tags broken : need Astrid code modification. A fix in Pure calendar will stop crashes waiting for this modification, but tags filtering will be off. Finally the pathc will have to be made in Pure calendar -> fixed in Pure calendar. Ready for next release.
– task hidden visible : need Astrid code modification -> Astrid code modified, waiting for market release -> fixed in Astrid 3.0.6

If you noticed any other issue after the update, please, post here !

I sent all modifications required to Tim (the Astrid main dev), and I am waiting for more informations.



10 thoughts on “[Pure calendar] Astrid 3 issues

  1. Thanks for being so quick about getting this fixed! I went to email you about it, and it looks like you’re already on top of it. When new android people ask me what apps to get, yours is always on my list. Just so I’m not disappointed when it the new release comes out, tag filtering is still broken? Keep up the awesome work.

  2. Hi there – Excellent app but I am having an issue I did not find mentioned here. I installed Astrid on my MotoDroid w/Froyo and the integration works fine all day. Sometime overnight, however, all Astrid tasks disappear from the widget. I can only assume it is at midnight (but I would be hard-pressed to stay up that late to find out). If I reinstall the widget the tasks return but again disappear overnight. Any thoughts?

  3. I have two problems. I have installed the pure calendar widget on my HSC Hero.

    Problem one is that it displays current day in a box with a blue top. I would like it to display the month as it does if I tap on it. Is there a way to have it display the month as the default?

    Problem two is that the colors it displays are incorrect. I changed some calendar colors in Google calendar but it has the events in the previous color. Is there a way to have it display the current color of the event.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi,
      no sure to understand what you mean by ‘month’. But if you mean that you would like to open Google calendar in a specific view (month view), then it is not possible (explained in the FAQ).
      For colors, you need to check if they are synced in the STOCK calendar application… if no, you’ll have to wait until next sync. Pure calendar widgets use stock calendar informations database.

  4. I posted this over on the Astrid support forum, but since this seems to be a Pure Calendar issue, I’ll post here as well in hopes to get a response:

    I can confirm that the latest Pure Calendar widget with the latest Astrid app does NOT fix the Force Close problem on the HTC Droid Incredible. I removed the Pure Calendar widget from my home screen, uninstall, and reinstall Pure Calendar. I did the same thing for Astrid.

    I still get the exact same Force Close immediately upon launching Astrid the first time if I have a Pure Calendar widget on my home screen. If I don’t have a Pure Calendar widget on the home screen, Astrid loads just fine. Subsequent loads of Astrid after the first Force Close seems to work fine.

    Running Astrid version 146 and Pure Calendar version 217.

    I absolutely LOVE your Pure widgets. I own this one and just purchased Pure Messenger today. Thank you for building such great widgets!

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