[Pure grid calendar] Week view with timelines ? your opinion ?

I am wondering if I should add a vertical week view to this widget…
What you you think about that ?


14 thoughts on “[Pure grid calendar] Week view with timelines ? your opinion ?

  1. the link to the screenshot is broken. I would love to see what the poll is about before voting πŸ™‚

  2. Is it possible to make it more like the iphone calendar where you have the month view at the top, then the bottom 1/3 of the screen is an agenda view / scrollable list view that lists the items for the day you select in the month view above? Samsung Captivate with Touchwiz 3.0 also does this and I find it to be very useful. You don’t have to leave the screen when viewing each days events, but still remaining in the month view.

    1. It’s a huge modification you are asking… please use suggestion page to submit your idea to other users vote.

  3. Can you do something like the new Launcher Pro calendar widget? You press it and you get a list view? You could essentially combine Pure Calendar and Pure Grid calendar together that way. I always thought the two were nice. I like a list view but sometimes I like a monthly/weekly view too.

    Launcher Pro’s calendar widget allows you to toggle back and forth easily.

  4. I absolutely love this calendar!
    Is it possible to have the event text be different than the calendar text?

    1. No because I didn’t like the idea … but with so many users requests, I think I’ll add an option for that.

  5. Yes, please.
    Try to find a calendar on android with vertical timelines. Found one????
    Nope. Simple: There is none.

  6. How do I get this view with both Touchdown (corporate) and Google (home) calendars displayed on one calendar? Thank you!

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