[Pure calendar] That will be the new default skin

The previous default skin will still be available in the skin manager as ‘kx blue’.

So… what do you think about it ?


11 thoughts on “[Pure calendar] That will be the new default skin

    1. it will be changed for ALL sizes.
      what is the problem if you can download the old skin in the skin manager ?

  1. Personally I would like to see something a bit more elegant with focus on transparency like sense UI and your very own messenger widgets.

  2. Looks like old fashioned skin : blue bar, white/grey background, reminds me windows 98. Modern UIs have at least a little transparency to integrate with environment. This looks like “PRO” and not “Eye candy”, so I gues your target is working people.

    Anyway, as long as we can use nice skins, I don’t mind.

    1. Remember that transparency can always be applied.

      Personnaly, I found transparency dirty… especially because of low level of colors of our phone screens and Home rendering.

  3. Astrid and PCW – just a general comment.
    There is a new Astrid version coming out. You can find the RC3 on Astrids homepage. It seams they changed something in the database, so PCW is not compatible anymore.
    Example: If i edid a task which has goal date today and set it to a new date it still appears in PCW as a overdue task and NOT at the new date i set for this task in Astrid.
    Can you look into that?

    Keep up your good work.

      1. Discovered one more thing.
        – If you want to open a Task via PCW it does not open the task itself for editing, instead opens in Astrid the window for a NEW task.

  4. Hi! I’ve got a problem with pure calendar widget, I’ve installed official froyo rom for the htc desire, but I don’t find the app in the market, help please!

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