[Pure messenger] Splitted message action menu (contextual) and new photos thumbnails

Soon on your phone !


10 thoughts on “[Pure messenger] Splitted message action menu (contextual) and new photos thumbnails

  1. The new version is great, with one small design exception. The persistance notification icon is very imposing design-wise and draws unneeded attention, breaking the aestetics of the status bar. I would suggest just a white triangle for “Play” on black background would suffice well enough, and will look simple and blend in the rest of icons used by many apps (most apps use black and white icons, Yahoo apps use greyscale icons that also look great).

    Also, the design of the notification slot in the notification tab needs to be cleaned some. The string “”Pure Messenger widget service…” can be simplified to “Pure Messenger Service” and some useful info can be dynamically updated such as “Last Updated: XX:XX” or “Last Updated XX mins ago.” so user knows how fresh is the displayed information.

  2. I like the new context menu. However, when I open a message in the internal message viewer, there is no context menu there.

    And perhaps I should submit the following via the feature suggestion polls, but anyways:

    – I would like to have 2 distinct options for deleting or archiving my gmail. I delete some messages, and want to archive others.
    – It would be great if the context menu for SMSes could have an option to call the sender.

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi,
      no paricular problems with those features, by please the Moderator suggestions system to suggest those ideas.
      I already have a big stock of ideas waiting to be added :/

  3. New round thumbnails are cool, it’s a bit weird because some facebook pics are still square. Do I have to wait a pic change from these people? I don’t care, in fact.

  4. Could you use this layout? I takes half space and the name is just above the thumbnail, which is not bad.


    1. And just another tiny request, could you remove the carriage return, we can see it wastes a lot of space on my screenshot. A least carriage return that is not preceded by a dot.

      1. Ok. What about an option for removing the right icon (column), for people who use one instance of messenger for each media (for instance I currently have one for facebook, one for tweeter, etc.)

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