Widgets on lockscreen

If you want to use my widgets on the lockscreen, I strongly advise you to have a look on lockscreen app

Warning: This is not compatible with scrollable widgets.


7 thoughts on “Widgets on lockscreen

  1. I am using it and loving it a lot, but the lack of scrollable widgets is in complete contrast with my ADW.Launcher’s scrollable Pure widgets. It’s a big downer and I wish the author could implement the same scrollable widget API as LauncherPro and ADW.Launcher.

      1. I spoke with the WidgetLocker dev a week ago, he plans to implement the scrollable API.

  2. I agree with you, I’m using this app and I’m gonna ask the dev the scrollable feature. I have to disable scrolling on all my Calendar instances (ADW Launcher and Lockscreen) because I use one calendar on the lockscreen.

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