Market updates

Just a small talk about Market updates.

There is some periods where I have to push multiples updates in few days.
This is not for fun.
This is always to fix bugs.
Sometime, the application needs to be strongly modified to introduce news features (like scrolling in Pure calendar for example)… and strong modifications always have impacts (bugs).

Believe me, even if a small problem is introduced, with 40000 users, I quickly receive 100 emails to warn me about this problem…

And seriously, I don’t see the point of updating on your phone after each release.
If you don’t have any problem and updates bother you, just leave it unupdated !
Especially if you don’t have any problem…

And next time, when the a problem will occur on a feature that YOU use, you’ll be happy to don’t have to wait until a release in 1 week. Think about it…



2 thoughts on “Market updates

  1. Hi,

    I bought pure calendar and it worked great. Best money I ever spent on an app. I had to do a firmware update to my phone and now I don’t see pure calendar on the market anymore.

    Please how can I fix this. I can’t live without that handy widget. I have a xperia x10.

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