[Pure Calendar] Integration of Dato GTasks

I have contacted the Dato GTasks team to start an integration of Pure calendar with their product.
They agree for this integration, but they won’t be able to start working on this before 1 month.

9 thoughts on “[Pure Calendar] Integration of Dato GTasks

  1. Great! I uninstalled SSI gTasks because if requires a purchase outside the official market for auto sync. Can’t wait to have my tasks in Pure Calendar again.

  2. Yeah, I love GTasks. I just wish Google Tasks could specify a time on Google Calendar so I could get task reminders like Google events.

      1. To begin with I must commend your program that I bought. If an account is set up as a local mode then everything is OK, but if we want to have synchronization with eg ticktick.com then the tasks are not displayed in your program.

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