[Pure Calendar] First scrollable beta version !

A first beta of the scrollable list of Pure calendar with ‘ADW Launcher’ and ‘LauncherPro’.

So, here is a NEW FREE BETA !

A small demo with Pure calendar and Pure messenger scrollable widgets :

If you want to test it :
– install ADW launcher (Android 1.6 and higher !) or LauncherPro from the market
– install Pure calendar alpha version : PureCalendar205.apk expired
For LauncherPro: don’t forget to enable scrollable widgets in the LauncherPro settings
– and pick a ‘Pure calendar’ widget AND enable ‘scrollable mode’ in the configuration panel (system options section) !

ToDo :
– improve customization (bold for current events, semi transparent for past events …)
– improve multi-widget support
– text line cut is wrong
– switch from scrollable to non scrollable keep the listview visible

This beta testing will expire in 2 days. Done !

Please report any problem or ideas you have about it !

And thanks to AnderWebs and Federico for this integration 😉

Change log since last beta: cf here


66 thoughts on “[Pure Calendar] First scrollable beta version !

  1. I got it working. Works really well so far. It took a few minutes to load all data into the widget. A lot longer than the regular version. Not a big deal. With the way I use my thumb to scroll up and down I did have to turn down the overshoot in ADW to keep the screen from moving side to side. Text color and skins appear to work fine. I selected white text and transparent skin.

    1. yes, it loads all events for the full search period (in the normal widget, it load events until the widget is filled / ~10 events vs ~50events).
      Yes, with ADW, text color is handled … not yet perfectly in LauncherPro.

      1. Hi, love the new scrollable calendar. A couple of things bother me though, the scrollbar needs to go it’s ugly and why does most of your widgets seem to attach to the notificationbar it doesn’t look that good.

      2. Hi,
        scrollbar : I think it’s useful
        I don’t understand ‘attach to the notificationbar’, but if you mean small margins, it’s because users wants it like this. They want it to use as much space as possible.

  2. Very cool. I’m using launcher pro. No issues yet. But I’m really looking forward to the ability to customize the letters, big and very big.

  3. It does seem scrolling is very sensitive to accidental sideways screen scrolls. More than the messaging widget it seems.
    Using ADW Launcher.

    1. It can’t be different since it is controlled by the Launcher (not the widget) and nothing allow us to change it.

      1. Problem found in 2.0.0 (only 4×2 was able to catch click)… update to 2.0.1 on the market.

  4. Works great! With small text there is a lot of white space between the tasks and calendar events. Do you plan on fixing that with future updates? Fantastic work with your first release!

    1. this is too allow events clicking. If I reduce it, you wont’ be able to click events…

      Later, I’ll may add an option to disable item clicking to reduce that space.

      1. Sorry I should have played around with it more. Sounds like its from allowing clickable events.

        I really like the row size of the small text from the widget when its not scrollable to for the highest amount of events in the screen. If you could add the option to remove he clickable events that would be preferred, or at least the way I like it configured.

        Thanks again!

  5. Pour une première version, elle marché diablement bien !
    Peut-on espérer la voir fonctionner sur sense un jour où dois-je me mettre tout de suite à changer mes habitudes et adopter un nouveau lanceur ?

    1. Ah ca, c’est sur et presque certain : ca ne fonctionne jamais sur Sense.
      (A moins que HTC ne change complement d’avis et mette le code source de son Launcher en open source, ce qui m’etonnerait ENORMEMENT vu le ‘pouvoir’ de sense).

  6. Hi Francois,

    I’m sorry for not responding earlier to your requests for a logcat or with feedback about version 2.0.1! I’ve been too busy with other things.

    As of version 2.0.2 it works great, all items are clickable and open the correct event in the correct source.


    And as of ADW Launcher 0.8.9 it seems that accidental sideways scrolling is a lot less likely to happen as well.

    Thanks for all the hard work!!


  7. Scrollable function is very convenient! It’s great!!!
    But I have one problem:
    Even if I set a option of “Maximum number of lines used per event:” = “1”, some long events are fold, and then used two lines. It seems that even if scrollable or not, a calculation of length is same(? or missed).

    Pure Calendar Widget: 2.03
    ADW.Launcher 0.8.9 / LauncherPro Beta 0.6.3

    Thank you very much!

  8. I’m running the latest version of Pure Calendar on my Nexus One with with the latest version of LauncherPro and this last update for Pure Calendar seems to have a problem with properly displaying calendar/tasks color bars. The color bars are no longer the proper color and the tasks (from the gTasks app) shown at the top of the calendar widget are now showing both a colored dot *and* a color bar that are overlayed on top of each other (when it should be showing just a colored dot).

    I see other people are having the same problem from comments posted in the Android Market but thought I’d go ahead and mention it here.

    Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into this app and all the great features/updates you’ve been adding in. Pure Calendar was one of my very first favorite Android apps when I got my first Android phone and it’s still one of my top ranked Android apps today! 🙂

  9. Will you be bringing the scrollable feature to the grid view calender? Id love to be able to scroll through the months.

  10. Pure Messenger, Droid, LauncherPro- but that’s beside the point.

    Is there some way to have a one-click-to-reply on the Pure Messenger Widget? I don’t want to have to open up the same message I just read on a pop-up before I can type something as a response; and also if I choose to open my native messaging app (Handscent) it opens not to the message I was just reading, but to Handscent’s home screen.

    I’ve played around with it for a while, maybe I’m just missing it somewhere because it seems like this should be a bigger issue to more people.

    1. Is there some way to have a one-click-to-reply on the Pure Messenger Widget?
      >>> after a ‘one click reply’ somebody else will request a ‘one click new’ and a ‘one click refresh’ and …. So, please use the suggestions system and let users vote for your idea : https://koxx3.wordpress.com/suggestions/

      if I choose to open my native messaging app (Handscent) it opens not to the message I was just reading, but to Handscent’s home screen
      >>> you should read this : https://koxx3.wordpress.com/2009/10/11/informations-about-what-we-can-do-and-what-we-cannot/

  11. I use one pure calendar widget for google calendar and a separate pure calendar widget strictly for astrid tasks. Is there a way to enable scrolling only on the widget that is set to use google calendar and not on both? I don’t need to scroll on the widget that displays astrid’s info, only on the one that displays the calendar info. Also, I noticed that when scrolling is enabled I could no longer click on an empty space in the widget to open up astrid. I have to click one of the entries and then it opens up astrid with the entry I clicked displayed. I didn’t know if these were bugs or just features that haven’t been added yet. I guess what I would like to be able to do is have one set of settings for one widget and a different set of settings for the other widget. Just little things, overall its a fantastic app that I use on a daily basis. Couldn’t do without it!

    1. Is there a way to enable scrolling only on the widget that is set to use google calendar and not on both?
      >>> no.

      I have to click one of the entries and then it opens up astrid with the entry I clicked displayed.
      >>> click the upper left corner of the widget to obtain the same behavior than before.

  12. I’m running the original HTC Sense launcher, and the HTC Calendar widget is scrollable. Would it be possible for you to make your widget scrollable on HTC Sense aswell, or is HTC using some secret method not available for other developers?

    1. Hi,
      you need to ask to the dxTop devs, the ball is on their side. All the code source is available to add scrollable widget support to any Home. If they add it, my widget will automatically be compatible.

      1. I live in Brasil. I bought my htc legend in Germany.
        Inst this app free? How do I access the paid market, so?
        Best Regards.

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