[Pure messenger] Is back on the market !!! Youhou !

The Google market seems to be solved. I am able to find my app on the market. Cool ๐Ÿ˜‰


8 thoughts on “[Pure messenger] Is back on the market !!! Youhou !

  1. Why are Pure products absent from SlideMe even if the off-market page mentions they might be available there. I had to repurchase Pure Calendar for use after factory reset because I did not notice your current method of purchase neither guarantees redownloads, nor it supports updating. So what now, I am stuck buying your app once each 6-9 months so I can get along with the new features (if any)? Isn’t that what markets try to avoid way back, prior App Store revolutionized them all?… For such a quality way, this is barbaric and in a way encouraging repurchases, which is not a good thing to make the user feel and think about.

    1. Hi,
      I removed my critics pages about SlideMe according to SlideMe requests, but I don’t distribute on SlideMe anymore following difficulties to be paid by them. End of story.
      I don’t think I’ll distribute on any other alternative market after that bad experience. Sorry for users who bought them from SlideMe.
      By the way, which ‘page’ still mention SlideMe support ? can you point it please ?
      And remember, I am not responsible of Google disctribution market choice, why don’t you ask Google to unlock market for your country ? wouldn’t that be the good solution ?

  2. Hi,

    you should also make a scrollable todo/note list.
    There is not good way to manage a lot of notes on the homescreen yet.

    1. Hi,
      first, finish a fully functionnal scrollable widget (Pure messenger) THEN more scrollable widgets ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. When I try to add my facebook to pure messenger I generate the code and paste it in and it tells me it’s wrong. I’ve tried like 20 times.

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