[Pure messenger] NEW FREE BETA for ‘ADW Launcher’/’LauncherPro’ with scrollable list

A new beta of the scrollable list of Pure messenger with ‘ADW Launcher’ and ‘LauncherPro’.

So, here is a NEW FREE BETA !

If you want to test it :
– install ADW launcher (Android 1.6 and higher !) or LauncherPro from the market
– install Pure messenger beta version : PureMessenger169.apk expired
don’t forget to enable scrollable widgets in the Launcher settings (yes, this is new)
– and pick a ‘Pure messenger SCROLL list’ widget !

The 4×4 is a little bit slow, but 4×2 and 4×3 are really great.

This beta testing will expire in 2 days.

Please report any problem or ideas you have about it !

And thanks to AnderWebs and Federico for this integration πŸ˜‰

Just a small video with Home++, the result is better now πŸ˜‰

Change log since last beta:
1.6.9: fix reconfig bug on 2.2 + fix message deletion action + additionnal debug traces + fix config problem + fix message listing problem with multi widget + auto enable twitter & FB on widget creation if already configured
1.6.8: fix ‘loading data’ issue + fix text color refresh for SCROLL list + fix show contact pict for SCROLL list
1.6.7: Twitter filter (tweets/DM/mentions) + new max number of messages + boost scrollable widgets + fix memory issue
1.6.6: reduce max picture size

129 thoughts on “[Pure messenger] NEW FREE BETA for ‘ADW Launcher’/’LauncherPro’ with scrollable list

  1. It wont install on 1.6 X10 either, just says the app cant be installed on my phone.

    But i guess its the 2.x version you’re working on?

  2. hi koxx3
    I was looking forward that update.
    but… cannot use on my x10…

    do u have the idea of making them correspond to donut?
    x10 + home+ = fine
    x10 + adw donate = not fine ><
    (x10 cannot install ADW_scroll_beta.apk)

    pls tell me ur idea.

    1. Hi,

      Both are versions for Android 2.x, and our X10 has Android 1.6 only… As Koxx3 promised, the versions for Android 1.6 will come later.

      ADW Launcher with support for scrollable widgets has also just been released to the Android market, with 1.6 version (ADW Launcher 0.8).

      So I’m eagerly awaiting scrollable Pure Calendar & Pure Messenger widgets for Android 1.6!! πŸ™‚

      1. No no, Pure messenger works for any version πŸ™‚
        And now, ADW market versions (from Android 1.6 to 2.2) works with scrollable widgets :p

      2. It works, and I love it!

        The scrolling does need a bit of practice, it’s too easy to trigger the screen left / right scrolling movement instead.

        And sometimes tapping on a message or button, nothing happens ans I have to tap repeatedly.

        But such small things aside, this works just really great!! I love the scrolling list!

        (Tested the 4×4 widget on my X10, Android 1.6, using 5 rows by 4 cols desktop layout in ADW Launcher 0.8)

      3. cool !
        yes, it needs some practive, it depends of Home. ADW is very sensitive in left/right scroll. We’ll try to tweak that later. There is still some bugs to fix πŸ˜‰

      4. The Eclair theme doesn’t seem to work properly after I first had a lighter theme selected… had to restart the launcher.

  3. Running great on Droid w Froyo. NexBeast. One thing I would like to see is the ability to have different ringtones for each widget as I have mine broken into 4 different ones. Any possibility of this. That and the refresh rate are the only things that change globally when you make changes.

    Still, very impressive work with the scrolling. It is smooth as silk even the 4×4.

    1. Now I noticed (in the 4×2 widget, ADW Launcher still configured for 5 rows, 4 cols of icons) that when scrolling to the top of the list, sometimes when I lift my finger ADW thinks that I want to move or thrash the widget. So it seems that the scrolling event is doubling for a widget long-press event, sometimes. But I’ve only observed it when quickly scrolling to the top of the list, and hitting the top.

      I don’t have any idea if this bug is in ADW or Pure Messenger! I’ll try to e-mail you a logcat tomorrow.

  4. I would like the ability to post to all social networks with one dialog box instead of needing to type the same thing into both twitter and facebook.

    Also Buzz support would be awesome as well.

    1. There is a lot of things to improve before arriving to that steps.
      And very very few people are requesting for Buzz. It seems to be a dead place…

      1. i use it and adding to this app would be a great way to increase its use–and buzz πŸ˜‰

  5. Nice to see donut support too πŸ™‚

    I have another error reporting. When i use Pure Messenger for SMS list, and choose either Standard or HandCentSMS as my sms app when i click an SMS, it launches the app twice somehow. This means that when i press Back button, it removes the app, but only to return to the app again.

    Also it would be awsome if it could be made so that tapping an sms in the list would take you to the conversation instead of just the conversationlist.

    But all in all a super widget. Looking forward to more scrollable widget from you πŸ™‚ (hint* perhaps some scrollabe contact / photo widgets? *hint)

    1. I have another error reporting. When i use Pure Messenger for SMS list, and choose either Standard or HandCentSMS as my sms app when i click an SMS, it launches the app twice somehow. This means that when i press Back button, it removes the app, but only to return to the app again.
      >>> yes, there is few problem with that. I strongly advise you to use internal viewer/writer

      Also it would be awsome if it could be made so that tapping an sms in the list would take you to the conversation instead of just the conversationlist.
      >>> impossible (SMS app doesn’t offer external control)

      But all in all a super widget. Looking forward to more scrollable widget from you πŸ™‚ (hint* perhaps some scrollabe contact / photo widgets? *hint)
      >>> Pure calendar soon

      1. As to the SMS feature of going straight to the conversation, i have seen that Beautiful SMS ( i think thats what its called ) does what i describe. But nothing i would bet my life on πŸ™‚

        thx for the quick replies, great work you’re doing

      2. It was also just the SMS feature i thought was kinda missing. The other stuff works great for me.

  6. Fantastic stuff! Works on LauncherPro now too by the way!

    Only major gripe is that message widget doesn’t display Facebook contact pics if the display contact picture is turned on, MAJOR problem for me, as almost every one of my contact icons is from facebook.

    1. I don’t have any problem with Facebook pictures. They are directly downloaded from the web (impossible to get them from the contact book, google locked it).

      1. I *think* that what James means, is that his contact pictures for all his contacts come from Facebook? And that those contact pictures from Facebook don’t show up next to an SMS msg, for instance?

  7. It seems that with the latest version of ADW Launcher, 0.8.1, scrolling goes a lot better and the launcher is much less likely to interpret my gestures as scrolling desktop left/right.


    1. great πŸ˜‰
      don’t worry, this system is very young, there is a lot of things to improve πŸ˜‰

      1. Lots of things to improve, and I love it already πŸ™‚

        I just e-mailed you a logcat of where ADW Launcher interprets my scrolling gestures as holding down the finger on a widget to move it — after I scrolled to the top of the message list.

        I hope the information is sufficient but I found it hard to get enough clues from the logcat myself!

  8. Now that ADW and LauncherPro support 5 row mode, what about offering this widget size? If it requires a small dev, I think it is worse doing it, so we could have a huuuuge news feed (this would be a great thing for pure calendar overall)

    1. This is a very low priority task. It’s already VERY VERY difficult to keep my widgets compatible with all widgets sizes, screen resolutions and OS version … now if you add custom options from custom launcher, it becomes unmanageable.

    2. Just keep your screen at 4 rows, and the widget will be as tall as the screen? I thought?
      5 Row mode doesn’t give your screen more pixels πŸ˜‰
      It puts the icons closer to each other, and makes the space for widgets smaller, so in order for a widget to still have the same nr of vertical pixels available the widget would need to support 5 rows when the launcher is in 5 row mode.

      In standard 4 row mode, a widget that’s 4 rows tall will get the maximum available nr of vertical pixels. So there’s maximum amount of space available for displaying long lists of messages.

      Isn’t that so?

  9. launcher pro seems to be work better with this than adw launcher. No issues with accidentally swiping to the left or right when scrolling up and down with launcher pro.

    With adw, its too easy to swipe left and right.

    Both launchers however, show a noticable lag when returning to the home screen from an application.

    1. I fully agree. We are working on both ‘issues’ (for lag, I found something to improve it – less than 1 sec delay).

  10. Using launcherpro on Nexus One (stock android 2.1) with this widget; noticed it causes phone to be a bit laggy when exiting out off any apps and back to home screen; same applies when pinching to view home screens as well and scrolling through screens. (Might be just me but drains quite a bit of battery as well)

    1. Yes, we are working on this.
      For battery usage, it strongly depends of your widget usage and polling… for gmail/sms, no polling needed (very low battery usage). For email, it depends of K9 polling. And for twitter/FB, it depends of refresh period you fixed in the widget config panel (I strongly advise you to avoid more than 1 update per hour).

      1. Cheers for fast response, it was my bad for missing out on the last post about the lag issue. As for the battery, I’m currently using the 4×4 size scrolling widget and have always set it up only to view Facebook and Twitter messages at a refresh rate of 12 hours. Would changing the size of the widget or the style make a difference to battery life???

      2. I think yes, but ‘how much’, I don’t know.
        Less CPU used = longer battery.
        I think 4×3 is the prefect size : large view and fast.

  11. A bit off topic but any plans on adding touchdown email support to pure messenger widget?

    I haven’t actually bought it because I don’t have a good use for it. Its nice to play with the beta though.

    1. I asked to TouchDown team, it doesn’t seems to be interested.
      On my side, it’s OK. Contact them if you want… to push your request.

  12. hi koxx3,

    I want to buy the messenger that supports the scrolling feature. I can’t buy from market so I have to make sure I buy it when that version is avail (since you said buying w/o market will not have update). May I know when you will have it?

      1. Thanks!

        I bought it and it works great!

        It looks like the skins are not compatible to the home /scrollable widgets, is it true?

        Also do you think if you can put a header/title to the widgets, or better still, allow quick status update to facebook or twitter from you widget?

        lastly, would the normal one, ie not the list type be scrollable or recognise flip up/down in the near future?

      2. If you pick ‘list’ skins, it should works fine with scroll lists (ie HTC Sense list skin).
        You already can update TW and FB status, just press the right icon of each message.
        for scroll in the normal view, I don’t know, may be πŸ˜‰

  13. @koxx3, yes skin for list is ok, but skin for scrollable is not. the background is not updated.

  14. This works nicely with my Pure Calendar, thank you. I’ve run into a problem that I cannot get back to the configure window. Running 2.2 on MotoDroid.


  15. Any chance of seeing Google voice text/call info ..like missed calls and sms/voicemails? I use it exclusively, never the number associated with verizon. Would def pay for an app that had that feature and the gmail, twitter sync already present

    Installed on moto droid running JRummy’s froyo rom with LauncherPro

  16. Nexus One, ADW Launcher 0.8.5, Android 2.2: From the widget’s menu, “Configure” does not work. The other items in the menu work correctly.

  17. Any chance to see Google Voice messaging/voicemail ..and missed call notifications? I don’t use the native SMS/verizon number.

  18. Nice update! Less laggier than before on launcher pro but I get a few fc from launcher pro when I use the widgets… dunno if it relates to your app or launcher pro but just thought I’d let you know… cheers πŸ™‚

    1. ok, another little issue noticed and that is when scrolling the widget (launcher pro, N1), it switches to the next home screen quite easily. I’ve read about it somewhere else on this site with similar issue occurring with ADW Launcher as well I think but can’t seem to remember but hopefully this issue of the widget sensitivity can be addressed…

  19. tried it, but heres what i didnt like. facebook newsfeed dominated the thing, there should be a way to show just facebook messages. no support for google voice text messages (that i saw, wasnt able to test it) and also, no way to back out of facebook authentication if i accidentally click it and change my mind. otherwise, looks promising.

    1. Hi,

      You can add two widgets, and configure them differently. One that has Facebook, and one that doesn’t. Put them on different pages of your launcher, or put them together on the same page — your choice! πŸ™‚

  20. ping.fm support for posting would be nice. let’s you post to all the different social networks at once.

  21. When using the “Transparent” skin and setting the text color to “White”, message list view ignores this setting and the message text is still black.

    In any case, great widget.

  22. The text disappears in the message window whenever I switch orientations or the screen turns off. It comes back when I hit the refresh button in the widget. I’m using the 4×3 scrollable window. It would be nice if there were some way the widget saved my settings also so I don’t have to re-enter my information If I end up deleting the widget and adding it to another home screen. Also, if I could be nit picky, it would be nice if the settings menu had some sub menus so it doesn’t seem like it is so long to scroll down:

    Social networks >
    E-mail >

    Overall It is a very cool widget. I look forward to seeing the final release and I’m glad I got in on the beta. (moto droid 2.1, launcher pro)

    1. The text disappears in the message window whenever I switch orientations or the screen turns off
      >>> are you versions up to date ? if yes, I need a logcat after the screen rotation

      It would be nice if there were some way the widget saved my settings also so I don’t have to re-enter my information
      >>> if you read the information page, you’ll understand how to save/restore settings ………

      Also, if I could be nit picky, it would be nice if the settings menu had some sub menus so it doesn’t seem like it is so long to scroll down
      >>> ah … that’s a good idea.

  23. I like the scrollable widget a lot! I have a couple small glitches to report:

    1. The scrolling viewport tends to disappear when I exit a memory-intensive program back to LauncherPro: the widget skin is visible but the contents are empty. Tapping the message count immediately displays the contents, so I don’t think it’s being reloaded, it’s just being “un-hidden.” The question is, why was it hidden?

    2. I like the feature where if you tap the header of the internal viewer it closes the message. But when I open a long message in the internal viewer, scroll down to read the end, then scroll back up to the top, I find that I have to tap twice to close the message.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help troubleshoot this.

    1. 1/ Currently, I don’t have any solution for this. I never had the problem (even after 15 min of Dolphin browsing) … But if your phone is in low memory, you can have a lot of troubles… which phone do you have ?
      2/ not able to reproduce the problem. even with long emails, when I go up, I just tap once, and the message viewer vanish.

      1. 1) I have a Motorola Droid, rooted, running a Froyo ROM and an overclocked kernel. In every other way the phone seems to function perfectly, except for this hidden viewport issue. Maybe try running a game or Google Earth to chomp memory and try to reproduce it? (It’s something that happens often enough that I would opt not to use this feature if it weren’t a beta.)

        2) It happens every time. I can reproduce it consistently. If I have to scroll the internal viewer, I have to tap twice to close the message. If I don’t scroll, I tap once.

      2. 1/ Ok, I’ll try that later.

        2/ That’s the problem with Custom ROMs … I tried on G1, Hero, MileStone/Droid, and Nexus (under ‘official’ Froyo) : no issue.

      3. Is there nothing I can do to help you figure out why the double tap is necessary on my particular ROM? Don’t you want it to work perfectly on all ROMs? This glitch (and the disappearing viewport for that matter) might be specific to my ROM, but I’m not the only one using it(Bugless Beast 0.2.1, extremely popular with rooted Droid users). I realize there are too many variations of ROMs out there to make everyone happy, but little glitches like these might turn some people away from the Pure widget entirely. I am perplexed if your final word on this issue seems to be, “It works on my ROM – too bad it doesn’t work on your ROM.”

      4. Very interesting talk :
        Yes, I would like to keep my apps compatible with everything.
        *******BUT***** it’s impossible to test all ROMs.
        I already have 4 testing devices.
        I spend 30h per week on widgets (+ my true job).
        It’s already VERY difficult to keep my apps compatible with : all android OS versions and all screen resolutions.
        So, yes, I have to give up with alternative ROM and Home.
        I can’t afford me to spend 2h on a potential ROM bug especially if I am a not able to find/test myself because It works on all my devices !!!!
        And personnaly, I think less than 1% of users are using alternative ROMs (advanced geeks).

  24. Hey, so I know this is a silly question, but how do I access the settings for my alternative launcher?

    1. Oh, but if you’re on CyanogenMod, latest versions where ADW Launcher has become standard, you access the launcher settings via the main settings app.

  25. Whenever I go on Facebook or Twitter through the widget and try to come out of it pressing the return button, it takes me back to the homepage of the app instead of exiting to my phone home screen. Basically I have to press twice to exit Facebook or Twitter… bug??? (Stock N1, 2.1)

    1. How do you go to Facebook or Twitter ? you disabled the internal viewer ? or you launch the app through the widget launcher icon ?

  26. Hmmm, feeds on widget disappears after coming out of long sleep… have to click on refresh for it to show again…

    1. You need to contact the launcher dev for this.
      I am not responsible of the listview refresh. I just provide data, if the counter is showing something different from 0, data are available… but the launcher missed a refresh.

      1. I’m currently using launcherpro, and yeah, like some of the previous posts before mine, I have to tap on the message counter or refresh to see the feeds after coming out of long sleep (stock N1, 2.1)

      2. How long for the long sleep ? are you sure the ‘scrollable widget’ option is enable in Launcher Pro settings ?
        I use a N1 with 2.2… and I am not able to reproduce that.
        But if the counter is showing something different from 0, it means data are here, and Launcher pro didn’t refresh the list. The bug is in Launcher Pro 😦

  27. On, 1.6.8 pure messenger without contact picture,the whole line was used for text, thats was very nice. On 1.6.9 it’s there are on only empty place for contact picture if you disable option show contact picture.

    1. This feature was buggy, when images whas there, alignement wasn’t good.
      So, consider this option as unavailable for scroll list right now (until I found a fix for this).

  28. Ok, in regards to the widget not showing up for feeds, I uninstalled and reinstalled launcher pro and widget to see if the problem is from launcher pro itself. However, still has the issue of having to exit out of official Facebook and Twitter app when opening messages within the widget. (with internal viewer disabled)

      1. and what if you diasable ‘keep in memory’ option in LauncherPro settings ?

    1. Please contact LauncherPro dev for this problem. As I said, I strongly beleive the problem is on his side. It the counter show something different from 0, it means data are there. LauncherPro just missed to call a refresh….

  29. Why won’t this work with Sense UI on the Incredible? Sense UI has the Friends Stream widget that is scrollable, so the functionality is there. I’d love to have the scrollable widget, but would rather not replace my Sense UI Launcher.

  30. When manually refresh for the messenger widget, how long does it take for the new messages to show up??? I noticed that I often have to actually go into Facebook or Twitter app itself, look at the new posts and then come out of it to actually see the widget rebuild and refresh the message list with the updated messages…

    1. Arround 1 or 2 minutes, because it’s not only a FB refresh, but all sources are refreshed.

      1. Can you send me another logcat 2 minutes after a forced refresh ? we’ll have a look if everything is OK.

  31. Hmm, now it seems to work again… Updated messages show up now once I hit refresh. But yeah, how do I go about sending you a logcat??? Sorry, I’m a noob at these kind of things so not sure what to do πŸ˜›

    1. Install ‘Log Collector’ from the Android Market, and start it up after those 1 or 2 minutes. It will then collect the necessary information.


      PS: There are several different ‘Log Collector’ tools in the Market, I believe. For some of them you’d have to pay. Don’t pay, install the free one πŸ™‚

      1. yes, the free one is perfect πŸ˜‰
        in fact, I always use “Log collector” from Xtralogic

  32. is it possible for you to add an option in k9 for Pure to allow any certificate?
    I think that will fix my issue with getting exchange mail. Our mail server has 2 domains and the certificate is only for one of the sites. I have tried touchdown and another exchange mail program and they can pull mail and they have that option.
    thank you

    1. Unfortunatly, I am not the main K9 dev. I won’t be able to change anything to that.
      But if you test the official K9 and if it works with this, I can allign my code with it… it will need few days, but it should be possible.

  33. Love the new scrollable Messenger widget. Only issue I’ve noticed with it is with Facebook feeds, it titles them all “Feed” above the friend’s name, making the feed take up an extra line that’s really not needed.

      1. You sure don’t like constructive criticism, do you, LOL. I agree with this, and “issue” is as good a word as any. If you’re viewing only facebook messages, and every single post says “news feed”, then it’s really not necessary, is it? It would be nice to save the space and be able to turn it off.

      2. lol…
        It is not the problem of liking or not critisms, as I said before :
        1- the ‘news feed’ only is temporary. In the next version (coming in few hours), you’ll have ‘wall post’. And soon : ‘notification’ and ‘inbox’.
        2- And to be clear, it is NOT POSSIBLE with scroll listview. The row layout IS THE SAME FOR ALL ROWS ! It would need to completly break design and find something compatible with email, gmail, SMS, facebook and twitter… not so simple.
        3- I rarely develop a new feature only if 1 or 2 users request it (but at least 5). This is the reason why the Google moderator site is here. To help me to decide which feature is good or not. Keep in mind I receive ~20 new features requests per day…

  34. i would also like a buzz integration, like many collegues from work
    it would be a perfect extension of this tool!

  35. Hi. I had several issues with the beta not updating the information. Despite that, I purchased the app because the utility of it is very desirable. I have the new Droid X and the widget keeps blanking out and has to be refreshed. I’m using Launcher Pro and it seems to have to do with the orientation automatically changing. When the orientation goes to landscape, the widget seems to blank out and has to be refreshed. Is there a fix in the works for this? Thanks.

    1. Will, I’m a BRAND new user with a DX in ADW. Unfortunately I can’t have the phone infront of me (security in the office) to verify this but have a suggestion to look for something, from memory..

      I thought I saw a setting for refreshing when switching to landscape (possibly). I was thinking it mentioned the choice for less CPU usage or better performance. Can’t remember if it was for redrawing or refreshing. I’m going to make it a point to try to confirm this today and even if it’s the right app rather than Pure Calendar. Just thought I’d try to suggest.

  36. When I get a new SMS from a person already in the list of messages, it just replaces the sms over the existing time stamp (which may have been from hours before I get the new one), which of course places it behind any new emails or facebook updates.

    Why does it do this? I get a text at 9 15, it should go to the top of the list, no? It’s just going to that contacts previous text several hours earlier, and replacing it.

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