Pure messenger update (1.6.3/1.6.4)

Just a small warning about this update.

I made some important modification in ‘K9 For Pure’ to manage accounts. So, you NEED TO UPGRADE K9 FOR PURE TO VERSION “2.704-1.0.3” (available on the market).

Here are all modifications :
— 1.6.3 —
+ improved list view for FB & TW & SMS
+ small change in default list skin
+ fully reworked list layouts (bigger 4×4 for Droid/Nexus…)
+ new SMS internal writer
+ reworked internal writer

+ remove emailForPure support (too buggy)
+ fix a K9 For Pure pb with new version
+ autoselect K9 accounts

— 1.6.4 —
+ fix fb comments count refresh
+ disable K9 check if not active
+ fix external app opening


30 thoughts on “Pure messenger update (1.6.3/1.6.4)

  1. Since update I am unable to use 4×4 with messenger. The top and bottom of display are cut off…is this a known issue? Using stock Droid 2.1 with Launcher Pro.

      1. Yes I have done so many times. If it helps the “configure” button no longer works on any of the skins. When I select configure it simply does a refresh. I am wondering if Launcher Pro is having some impact on it. Launcher has the ability to expand the amount of icons shown on the home screen from 4 rows to 5 rows. Is it possible that it is throwing off the calibration? I have used your program for months with no issues and I love it. Last thing – also on K( Pure even if I uncheck the boxes to show notifications – they also recheck themselves. I have just uninstalled K9 and will reinstall. Thanks fo rthe help.

      2. 1/ The ‘configure button’ moved to the main action menu. No more configure button is visible.
        2/ Launcher page with 5 lines (instead of 4) won’t be supported with standard list view layout of Pure messenger. Configure it for 4 lines. sorry (yes, it changed recently). But you should soon have scrollable widgets (and it will works) with LauncherPro since it is now included in ADW.
        3/ K9, strange :/ I’ll see if many user have this problem. Thanks for the information.

  2. koxx,

    La V1.6.3/1.6.4 ne m’arrange pas du tout, sur mon Launcher Pro (sans barre de notification et en mode 5 lignes) le mode “4X4 list” est coupé : l’item supérieur est coupé de moitié, et je ne vois plus les boutons de défilement. Est-il possible pour moi de revenir sur l’ancien layout?

    1. Le mode 5 lignes, n’est pas et ne sera pas géré. C’est deja assez le bordel de gérer toutes les resolutions possibles sous Android, alors les launcher custom, c’est meme pas la peine d’y penser !!!
      Ca devient vraiment n’importe quoi ces 4×5… pffff

    2. Je précise que c’est le seul widget qui présente une “incompatibilité” avec le mode 5 lignes de Launcher Pro, sur la dizaine de widgets que j’utilise (latitude, pure calendar, beautiful widgets, switch pro, etc.)

      1. Et oui, c’est comme ca.
        Le format list est très particulier puisqu’il demande de calculer la taille de l’écran pour choisir un layout (nombre de msg visible) et un background adapté (les background des widgets sont TRES durs a gérer en dynamiques, a part LevelUp et moi, je ne connais pas beaucoup de widgets skinnables).

        Entre 25% des utilisateurs US qui utilisent des Droid et qui me demandent depuis plusieurs semaines un 4×4 list adapté a leur ecran, et quelques utilisateurs voulant testé un 4×5 non officiellement supporté par Android, le choix est tres vite fait.

  3. Pas de souci, c’est la majorité qui gagne, je conçois ça. Peut être que si tu optimises Pure Calendar de la même manière je pourrai repasser en 2×4 (ou 4×2, enfin en horizontal quoi), et repasser en 4 lignes.

    Merci pour tes réponses

    1. Pure calendar doit normalement deja etre optimisé (avec une autre technique car les layouts ne sont pas du tout constitué de la meme facon), mais il doit prendre tout l’espace disponible pour un 4×2 quelque soit la taille de l’ecran.
      Tu as quoi comme phone ?

  4. En fait je viens de regarder, c’est un 4×2 qui devient un 4×1 si je n’active pas le mode 5 lignes. Avec ces deux captures tu comprendras facilement que de mon côté j’ai tout intérêt à garder le mode 5 lignes, quitte à farie des concessions sur Pure Messenger… J’ai un Desire


  5. Je ne sais pas si j’ai été clair. En mode 4 lignes, l’espace pour pure calendar est 4×1 (1 ligne pour le temps, une ligne pour le switch, une ligne pour calendar)

    En mode 5 lignes, l’espace disponible permet un Pure calendar est 4×2. cf captures ci-dessus.

      1. Fair enough, although for me gtalk is also a form of messaging – instant messaging.

        Sometimes I have conversations with my wife over gtalk, sometimes over SMS. Sometimes via both at the same time 🙂

        I guess it is my specific usage of the services.

        I do wish that there was a widget for gtalk.

        I might check out Pure Messenger once Tag Home or ADW Launcher is released with scrolling widget support 🙂

      2. It’s difficult because widgets are not made to be quickly refreshed. This is the reason why I don’t want to do INSTANT messaging 😉
        We’ll see if Pure messenger sales grow up, I’d like to ad plugins support for many other protocols : FlickR, Buzz…
        For ADW, it should be released very soon.

  6. Best app ever , but for some reason not all of My facebook friends status is showing. Was wondering IF antal others was having this problem ….

  7. It’s a shame about the lack of gtalk support. sure it’s an instant messenger, but where me and my girlfriend have data plans but no texting plans, we use gtalk like a texting program.

    Great widget though, keep up the great work 🙂

    1. Exactly, it’s NOT an instant messenger, and a widget will never be fast enough (due to Android widget architecture) to support INSTANT messenger. This is why I don’t want to add it.

  8. Hi Francois,

    Wonder if u can help. Have been using pure and k9 for pure for a while now and apart from scrolling issues (widget often freezes on 4th page when scrolling through messages – desire/froyo 2.2) I like both programs a lot as between them they do something nothing else does, namely display all my messages on my homescreen. That said K9 is frustrating because as you know many Android phones, especially the desire, are severely limited by internal storage. Which brings me to my question, do you ever think there will be an update to k9 for pure that allows me to either install it or my emails to the SD card to free up some much needed disk space?

    I look forward to your reply.


    1. Hi,
      I seriously don’t know. I am not a member of the official K9 team. I just make the apdatation to make it sharing messages with Pure messenger.
      But are you SURE you can’t already store messages on sdcard ?
      It would be really weird if you can’t…

  9. Well there is no option within the program that I can find that offers you the ability to choose where your messages are stored. And in application manager it cannot be moved on to the SD card.

    Is this the only way to get imap and pop email in to your widget? Do you know who I can ask about K9?


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