TouchDown calendars & tasks problem

Many users contacted me for TouchDown calendars and tasks problems.
Both may disappear during few moments, and reappear later.

There is 2 problems :
– a problem on the Pure calendar side: TouchDown periodically stop his services, and that cause Pure calendar crash.
– a problem on the TouchDown side : after TouchDown is stopped, if Pure calendar ask for datas, TouchDown is not able to provide them after service restart.

I’ll publish an update in few hours to solve Pure calendar silent crash, but I won’t solve the disappear problem.
I hope TouchDown will be able publish a new release soon to solve this problem.

You can contact TouchDown team here

I’ll publish news about this problem in this post.

EDIT (05/20/2010 22:06 UTC+1) : version 1.9.3 published. It’s a partial fix for Pure calendar. Now, we have to wait for TouchDown fix. Avoid killing TouchDown to reduce this problem.


7 thoughts on “TouchDown calendars & tasks problem

  1. The pure calendar update didn’t fix it for me, but let’s hope a touchdown update will do the trick. Thank you for the quick responses!!

  2. Downloaded the beta from touchdown. Claims it fixed the td calendar issue but I still am unable to use it on pure calendar.

      1. Then you need to contact Nitrodesk team to check if now TouchDown is able to share Exchange data with Pure calendar.

  3. Not sure whether this is the same issue I’m having. Calendar (TD) will disappear from the Pure Calendar but not Astrid tasks. When I go into settings, my two calendars from TD are not selected on the list.

    FYI I install TD updates as soon as they’re released in Beta.

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