What’s wrong with Pure messenger ?

Many people seems to try it and uninstall it (about 40% of uninstall !!!).

I think something is wrong with this app, and I’d like to understand what ?

I think the market app description fits the features, so it should be something else.

Design ? ergonomy (buttons are too small) ?? missing features ? crash ? too complicated (if yes, what ? config ? too much actions on messages ?) ?

I am currently reworking all the widget kernel to make it much more stable and reduce memory usage. It will take at least 1 more week.
And ‘K9 For Pure’ should merge with official K9 soon if K9 team accepts my modifications (work in progress).


46 thoughts on “What’s wrong with Pure messenger ?

  1. I think it’s the fact that it messes up the functionality of Gmail on the phone. Not only does the widget not sync with Gmail correctly, it causes the native Gmail app to stop syncing correctly. That was what caused me to stop using. I kept it because I like all your other apps and hope that a fix will eventually come out.

    1. If this is what I think, the gmail problem is with multi-label syncs only and it is solved since few version. You have an option to disable the observer … then it solves the problem (with some drawback).

  2. There’s nothing wrong with it in my experience, it just doesn’t provide me any services I currently need – with Helix Launcher, it’s more useful to open the respective app from my dock than to use the widget.

    Maybe if it were an actual universal inbox application, it could be useful, but as a widget, it can’t quite keep up.

    1. ok, thanks for your feedback. In fact, you say that you don’t care to have to launch an app to read the message. right ?

      1. I’d almost prefer an actual app with a widget in the background – even with list view, it’s a little awkward to find anything but the most recent message in Pure Messenger. With Quick Contacts from Eclair and being able to add Messanging/Gmail to the dock bar in Helix Launcher, it’s usually quicker to load the actual app than it is to page through Pure Messenger and try to find it.

  3. I haven’t tried Pure Messenger yet, although I’m a Pure Calendar user. As an Eris user, now that I’ve finally gotten the OTA upgrade to 2.1, I thought that I would switch to Home++ and install Pure Messenger, since the idea of an animated widget for email/SMS sounds really useful. But given some past stability problems that I’ve had under 1.5, plus the lack of a clear message that Home++ is stable (mostly irrespective of whether Pure Messenger is stable), I’m going to hold off on all of this for now, at least until I get through a month or two of a stable 2.1 environment.

    I don’t know whether this is the sort of information you were looking for.

    1. I think I communicated too much about the Home++ integration. It works fine without it.
      And yes, this is the kind of feedback I need. Thanks.

    2. I had no issues with Home++ stability, at least not on Android 1.6

      Try it, I recommend it a lot! And if you don’t like it, just switch back to any other Home replacement! (There’s an app that allows you to do so very easily, named “Home Switcher”).



  4. Hi,
    I am one of the guys who downloaded then uninstalled the widget after a couple of days. I did like it, but here are my comments:
    1) If the widget would keep track of incoming/outgoing calls as well, this would really be great.
    2) I preffered the normal view rather than the list view, because it would display a lot more text. But then I found something you should think about: I think most android phones have homescreens that will scroll from right to left. So, occasionally, when I wanted to tap on the next message in your messenger, my device would interpret it as a “swipe” and would start the swiping animation instead of invoking an action on your widget. The solution would be rather simple: please enable an option to have the scroll buttons in normal view on top and bottom instead of left and right.
    3) Popup-Menu with the “advanced acitions (reply, delete): the text size and the size of a single menu element is too small for my opinion.
    4)I do not like the feature that the list begins again with the most recent entry when you scroll behind the oldest entry. From an ergonomic point of view, one could get lost when you scroll fast and do not realize that you have already scrolled behind the end of the list.
    5) Please re-think about what actions lie beneath what buttons… I couldn’t get used to it easily.

    What I did like a lot is that the facebook-implementation is now really simple, thank you!


    1. Hi,
      1) Yes, I am thinking about it. Even if I think this is not really a feature for a ‘messenger’ widget.
      2) It would need a full widget redesign, but why not. I’ll submit it to vote.
      3) Yes, I agree, I’ll change that for next release.
      4) Ok, I may be optionnal. Personnaly, I like it.
      5) can you detail ? reorder inside edit/write menu ?
      Thank you very much for this feedback !

  5. Hi,

    I’m thai user who downloaded and already uninstalled your app. It ‘s because of the following problem.

    1) Your app can display thai font on the widget for all kind messages as follows http://img682.imageshack.us/img682/2081/417201021835am.jpg

    2) But when I touched on any messages (Except gmail message), it wont show thai font correctly. Thai font will be displayed as a square symbol, maybe it’s because wrong encoding.

    Can you pay attention to solve this issue ?

    1. The main problem is : I can’t test it !
      So, I need you to provide me your encoding, I’ll cook you a custom version, and you’ll try it.
      Do you agree ?
      EDIT: currently, it uses utf-8.

      1. I agree with you.
        So how could I check my encoding ?

        Can it caused by the font you use for internal viewer ?
        Basically, my phone could not show thai font without adding the following true type font.


        Anyway, thanks for fast response.

      2. No no, I meant that I had already add thai font into my phone.
        So I suspect that the font you use in internal viewer is not support thai.

        Could you change a font for internal viewer to Sans-serif ?

        For encoding for thai language, it is “tis-620”.

      3. I need you to contact me by email to send you a custom version. You’ll find my email in the about page.

      4. Finally, it’s work !

        Thanks for your support.
        I have already sent the result and more suggestion via your email.

  6. Hello,

    Interesting to read the thread and funny how we all want something a little different. One of those you just cant please everyone kind of things. Personally I like what the widget does I just struggle with what I think may be bugs or just user issue. I use home ++ for Pure and have it set up to display all 7 screens. I have 5 messenger widgets setup. Exchange using K9 for pure, then one for gmail, sms, FB, Twiter…. I like them separate its just easier for me to follow… Its just a matter of time for this to catch on… being able to flick from screen to screen and get of quick view of my messages is great and its easy… I love being able to scroll thru the message like you can with the HTC widgets.

    So here is a few things I would like to see or have fixed.

    1. More skins… it seems like the same list has been out there for awhile.
    2. When in configure the option to increase font size.. Normal, big, bigger doesnt seem to work. No matter what I choose the size is the same and I need to make sure I have my reading glasses.
    3. K9 for pure – I only use this for my work (Exchange mail).. When the sync occurs I always get just the headers not the whole message. That means that the widget displays null in the field that should have the whole message in it. If I go into K9 and select the message it downloads I read it and then you can see it from the widget… by then its to late I already read the message.
    4. K9 for pure – I also get the wrong time when the message header downloads. it will be off by three or four hours in the future but when I select the message and it download the entire message it fixes the time.

    Other then those few things and even though the exchange issues are a big deal to me I still love what you get with the product.


    1. Hi, thank for this feedback.
      I know it won’t be possible to satisfy everybody ๐Ÿ˜‰
      About your problems/ideas, I have bad news :
      1 – unfortunately, I am not designer. Most skins are user contributions… without contributions, it will be difficult to find skins. But I’ll make a post on th blog to find some talents.
      2 – no, it works only with normal layout. It is impossible with list layout (with or without Home++). I tried with Home++ performances drop down is really too important for technical reasons.
      3/4 – you need to submit those problems to the K9 team, I done have necessary skills to attack this part of K9 code… and it would be easier if ‘K9 for Pure’ would merge with official K9. (look here : https://koxx3.wordpress.com/2010/05/21/follow-k9-for-pure-integration-with-the-official-k9/)

  7. Hum bizarre , your amps is one of the best, and actively maintained, keep up the good job. Perhaps peoples who desinstall trying some stuff (Tom flash ).
    Ihave some problem with swang,superficial and so on, a force close everyime i’m trying to insert the widget..
    Really continue like you actually does, your amps are the top!

  8. For me, I like the widget, but I basically just want to have some of my twitter messages show up (mentions and dm’s). If that’d work, I could use that and facebook and I’d be pretty pleased with it.

  9. I’ve been stuck finding decent a replacement for the GDE conversations widget so I can move on to Launcher or Launcher2. That being said, I’ve tried moving over from the conversations widget that’s bundled in GDE a few times but there’s a few things that always keeps me from sticking with Pure Messenger.

    1) 4×4 mode (normal & list) doesn’t seem to fill up the entire screen like Pure Calendar does. It looks more like a 3×4 widget occupying a 4×4 space, and seems aesthetically odd moving over to the next screen with Pure Calendar list in 4×4 mode occupying the entire space.

    2) +1 votes on having in/out/missed calls added to the list.

    1. For call log, it’s coming.
      And I think I’ll make a 4×4 XL, but it will fill only a 800×480 screen (not a Droid screen).

      1. That’s great news, I think I’ll keep playing around with it for a while this time and see if I can get a bit more used to it. I’m actually using a Droid, but I’d be happy with any addition that fills up the screen a little bit more, and I’d definitely be ecstatic if it could match the same hight/width as 4×4 Pure Calendar List mode does now.

  10. Hi,

    the 4×4 used to fit my HTC Tattoo screen great, but really really regretting getting last update as it is too big for the screen now and is all clipped round the edges looks awful. Please please fix as I loved it before this update.


  11. Hmm in fact all the sizes are clipped and look awful now not just 4×4, please don’t neglect us small screen low res android owners.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t have any device with small resolution to test my apps (and emulator is really really painful for that)

      1. The 4×4 normal view before the last update was ok, is there any way you could reinstate that as an extra widget size? I’m guessing you made it bigger last update at the request of larger res owners.

      2. It’s not simple to ‘add a new size’. I’d like to find a way to make the 4×4 compatible with every resolution, I’ll check that during next weeks.
        Currently, I advise you to use a smaller widget.

  12. Ok I thanks for the suggestion, but smaller widget size doesn’t help as all sizes are cropped i.e. if I put say a 4×3 on, the top and bottom of the widget still don’t show as they are cut off. Interestingly there is no problem with the sides of the widget just top and bottom getting cropped. I’ll wait and see if you can find that resolution solution. I have your pure calendar agenda app and I don’t have any problem with that if that helps at all.

  13. I was one that downloaded then uninstalled 2 days later. There are two main reasons, both have to do with size.

    1) As others have said, when I put the 4×4 list version on my Droid, it only takes the room of a 4×3 widget (although the background fits the screen, the text does not). It makes it look half empty.

    2) It only shows the first couple words of any message or tweet. Not enough to even get the gist of the message. And if someone is retweeting something, all I see is who they are retweeting For instance, here are some messages (names deleted) and how they show up on my screen…

    More Wayne: “I hope

    RT @ (name): The

    As you can see those messages are completely worthless to me unless I click on them (and if I have to do that, what is the point of a widget?).

    However I have solutions you can try. For the 2nd problem you could either 1) allow someone to choose the max number of lines to show for a message/tweet just like you do with pure calendar OR 2) Remove the line that says “*Twitter”. I already know it’s from twitter because of the twitter icon on the right hand side, so just put the name in the top line and use two full lines for the message.

    And here’s a possible solution for the 1st problem. As I said the background covers the whole 4×4 area (or 4×3, etc.) the problem is that you could fit 2 or 3 more messages at the bottom. In the options you could have an option for “High Resolution Phone”. If someone checks it, just tell the program to add 2 to the max number of messages displayed (even if the program doesn’t think they’ll fit on the screen).

    1. First step done :
      Twitter & Facebook messages are on 2 lines

      Now, I’ll see how I could optimize the screensize usage.

      1. Well throw that update on the market! Just adding another line of text is enough for me to reinstall. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. It’s not possible to ‘add another line of text’ like that. I am finishing the next layouts (on Droid 4×4 list will show 8 messages instead of 6)

  14. The reason I installed then uninstalled was my own fault really. I did not realise I needed to install a custom version of K-9 to get all my non-Gmail emails. I did not want to go through all the trouble of setting up all of those accounts again so will be sticking with standard K-9. Once the integration is made with the standard K-9 client then I’ll be downloading Pure Messenger again.

    1. well … you’ll may have to wait a long time. We disagree on the method to integrate my code modifications in the official K9 (proposed method is too slow)

  15. I haven’t tried it, but I suspect part of the problem is the lack of a free trial version, and the fact that it’s not really a “must have” app, almost a curiosity. Whereas with the calendars, one can immediately see the use of it, and if they want it, you have to install this to see how you like it. I expect most people think ‘cool, but not worth the E1.29’ and uninstall. At some point I will probably buy out of curiosity to what it does and if it is useful, but to be honest I expect to be uninstalling again soon after.

    It looks like a really nice app, I’m just not convinced it is useful. In contrast, Pure Calendar is fantastically functional and good-looking to boot.

    All the best.

    1. Thank you very much for this feedback.
      Personnaly, I find it as useful as Pure calendar… I can’t live without it.
      I’ll do my best to simplify the configuration dunring next versions.
      For the price, It reflects the amount of work behind (this app took me at least 1000h of work).

  16. Couple of comments…
    1. It would be nice if, instead of having to touch the arrows to go to the next message, we could swipe.
    2. When using the scrollable widget with facebook, it would be nice to mark as read as we scroll.


    1. 1. very difficult because of HTML rendering, if you swipe inside a large HTML page, it would swipe the message instead of the message
      2. I do not agree with this one. and why FB and not something else ? and what about scroll speed ? definetly no.

  17. Any ideas on how to fix the wrong time showing up on my sms messages in pure message widget? I’m running with launcher pro plus..this seems to be the only weird thing left to fix…thanx

  18. I loaded regular K9 yesterday and was very pleased with all the problems it solved versus Gmail and the native Android email client. Then I realized that I could get more functionality out of Pure Calendar and Messenger. But to redo Messenger, I had to first add K9 for Pure. So I loaded K9 for Pure and spent a lot of time resetting K9. I then loaded Calendar and Messenger. Messenger loaded up nicely with emails and a recent telephone call. Very happy. This morning, Messenger won’t refresh. Instructions say to load another app to check for RAM usage, etc. AND, K9 for Pure is unbearably slow to load messages. This is just too much trouble. I am not a programmer. I plan to uninstall Messenger and K9 for Pure and go back to regular K9, keeping Pure Calendar. This is a noble effort to unify all these message sources, but the widget is taking up too much time for me. I have to load another app, fix the refresh and speed up K9. Can’t afford it.

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