Would you use a scrollable Pure calendar widget …

.. if it require Home++ home replacement application (yes, you can’t use HTC Sense Home anymore when you use any Home replacement, they are exclusive)

I am realy wondering if I should push this solution of scrollable widgets, and if people are really interested by this.
I’d like to know how many user are currently using Home++, and if people would switch to Home++ if there is multiple scrollable widgets.

So, please, answer this small poll.

You can find here a small video of Pure messenger scrollable with Home++

NB1 : as already explained (search on this blog), it’s impossible to make scrollable 3rd party widgets for HTC Sense or stock Android Home.


11 thoughts on “Would you use a scrollable Pure calendar widget …

  1. A scrollable calendar widget would put this product light years ahead of the competition. I absolutely pledge my support to this feature.

  2. I like Home++ and have been using it, however at the moment I don’t use it. I might use it again in future.

    Scrollable widgets make a lot of sense, certainly for calendar and messaging widgets.

    So I might switch to Home++ for the sake of that.

    However, Home++ misses some other features which I find it hard to do without, such as a customizable application dock and sorting apps by category. For these reasons, my current favourite launcher apps are dxTop and Tag Home.


  3. I just switched over to Pure Calendar to replace HTC Calendar’s “Agenda View” widget, which is scrollable. I bought Pure Calendar because I’m getting ready to move on from Sense to the LauncherPro Beta and needed a solution.

    Plain and simple, a scrollable Pure Calendar widget would be a HUGE benefit to me.

    Check out LauncherPro Beta, it’s available in Market. I think a LOT of people are going to adopt this. If you could get a scrolling widget for LauncherPro, it’d be a big hit!

    1. I am already in contact with LaucnherPro Beta dev… this is scheduled, but he don’t know when he’ll have time.

      1. Nice!

        Quick question: Any chance you can get scrolling to work on Sense?

      2. I love this widget and I would also be over the moon if pure calender could scroll on the home screen. I’m also using launcher pro.

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