Touchdown Exchange and Pure calendar

This is now official !
The last market version of TouchDown Exchange (by Nitrodesk) supports interface with Pure calendar.

You can now mix events from Google calendar (like familly calendar or facebook birthdays) with your business calendar coming from Exchange.
You can also show your tasks from Exchange in this calendar.

Warning: currently, Calendars are shared byt TouchDown only if AtiveSync connection method is used (it’s ok for tasks). TouchDown is working on the problem.

Screenshots :
1 – one Pure calendar mixing TD events and Facebook birthday calendar
2 – multiple Pure calendar for business TD events, business TD tasks and familly Google calendar
3 – one Pure calendar mixing TD events and TD tasks
4 – Pure calendar with TD events and other Pure widgets (Pure messenger & Pure music)


18 thoughts on “Touchdown Exchange and Pure calendar

  1. I can’t figure out how to get Touchdown events to display on the widget. it’s not listed as an option on “select calendar”, and google calendar won’t let me add it as a calendar. I bought the widget because of the touchdown support. Help!

    1. Be sure you launched touchdown before you select calendars in my widget (you pure calendar and not pure grid, right ?).

      1. Yes, touchdown was configured and launched before downloading the widget. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the widget as well. It’s still not showing up.

        I’m running a rooted stock droid with pure calendar (not grid) widget. It’s Touchdown for Android 2.0/2.1 and it is version 6.0.0002. Running the latest Pure Calendar Widget from off the market.

  2. Also cannot get widget to ‘see’ Touchdown calendar exactly as for Ken above. Without this the widget is no good to me

    HTC desire
    Tocuhdown V6 (licensed)
    Exhchange 2003 connection to server

    Touchdown fully installed and active prior to widget addition

      1. same issue here – no chance to select touchdown calendar

        HTC desire
        Touchdown V6 for Android 2.1
        Exhchange 2003 connection to server

        when do you plan to release the fix?
        the widget is not working at the moment – the description “working with touchdown” is somply wrong!

      2. Hey keep cool.
        First, I discovered the problem yesterday like you !
        Second, ‘I’ can’t fix anything. The problem is inside TouchDown. You have to ask NitroDesk team for the fix, I can’t do anything except change the explanation in my description page while I expect a fix.

  3. Haven’t had a chance to record a logcat and email it. However I did run a logcat from ADB just to check things out and it appears that the widget recognizes Touchdown is installed, but when I hit the Select Calendar button, there’s a logcat message stating that Touchdown isn’t found.

    I’m also running a licensed version of Touchdown and Exchange 2003, with no activesync support.

  4. Just changed to 2.2 Froyo and it looks like TD might have to tweak their beta again as the Tasks have vanished.

  5. Has there been a fix or configuration option added that allows Pure Calendar to go directly to Touchdown’s calendar when the widget is tapped? Mine still goes to what ever screen Touchdown was last on when I was in that app.

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