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Here is new way to suggest new features and vote for them !
More votes = faster in the next release… if it is possible…


What do you want in Pure calendar widget ? Vote for your favorite feature!
What do you want in Pure grid calendar widget ? Vote for your favorite feature!
What do you want in Pure messenger widget ? Vote for your favorite feature!
What do you want in Pure music widget ? Vote for your favorite feature!
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39 thoughts on “Suggestions & Votes !

  1. Nice idea to use google moderator. I hope I don’t have to re-add the feature requests I already made at XDA to gain votes 😉

  2. Hi guys,

    I just bought the calendar widget and its really nice but I have a couple of things which will cause me to get a refund today.

    1/ pressing the RHS of the widget brings up the calendar of choice, BUT it does not open on the day you press!!! DUH, so I have to then press the day on the calendar I go to… a waste of time and very un-slick

    2/ pressing on the RHS of the widget on the TASKS section does not bring up Gtasks, which is set in the widget as my Tasks programme… it brings up the same default calendar as pressing on the events. Also un-slick and time wasting.

    It seems I should rather have a dedicated calendar widget and the dedicated Gtask widgets instead, making this Pure Calendar widget an unnecessary step.

    Pity, it does seem nice.

    1. Hi,

      point 1 : read the information page to open the day event viewer, then you can view/add/edit/delete specific event for a day.
      point 2 : read the information page to open the day event viewer, then you can view/add/edit/delete specific tasks. There is no ‘section’ because events and tasks can be mixed at due dates and lines are too small to be selectable.

      By the way, you can select “[ask]” as action on right part tap (have a beetter look on the configuration panel). So, each time you tap the right part, it will ask you if you want to open the calendar or gTasks.

      To finish, it is not possible to open the calendar application on a specific day (this is not allowed by the calendar application, you can check yourself here :;a=blob_plain;f=AndroidManifest.xml;hb=18cb504e8f273911906805edae071b59e315d294)


  3. Hello Francois,

    If I click on the Right part of the Pure Widget, it should open Gtasks as set in the preferences, but it opens Calendar Pad instead.
    I can open the Pure Widget day view by clicking on the Left side, which is good, but as you say, it seems Android have blocked the ability to go from the widget to the Day view of the default calendar (calendar pad in my case)


    1. For point 1, are you sure you selected gTask for the ‘select calendar application to launch on widget tap’ ?
      I succesfully tested it 2 minutes ago.

      1. pardon, I was clicking on the RHS of the top part of the widget, which is a list of all my tasks together… so I assumed it would open tasks.


      2. I understand, but it cause multiple problems :
        – if you have 0 task : you won’t be able to open your task manager
        – if you have 1 task : the line will be too thin to be clickable
        – for 2 tasks : ok, it works.

  4. Francois, also
    all my tasks are listed at the top, which I like, so clicking on the whole bunch of tasks is very easy, so it should be able to open Gtasks from there, no?

    but as you say, choosing “ask each time” is an ok compromise… better than opening calendar when you click on tasks.


  5. Hi Francois,

    Yeah, I see it would be very thin with one Task, but perhaps on the RHS a near miss should open Tasks, on the LHS, where you might be aiming at a specific day, the near miss should favour the Calendar item.

    I think that would be a logical compromise?

    1. unfortunately, with Android widget management doesn’t allow ‘near miss’, if you have 10 pixels height line, if the tap center is 1 pixel bellow, it will open the wrong one.

  6. hmm
    then i would suggest having it up to the user.
    if someone like me wants the tasks to go to tasks, and only has one task, I would put an extra blank task in my gtask task list so I would have a bigger target. That would mean 99% of the time going to the right place instead of tasks triggering calenadar pad or another dialogue to make a choice about which app to open.

    tx mate

    1. If I do that, I would mean a lot of things :
      > each element would be clickable (not only tasks)
      –> multiply graphics elements * 20 on the widget
      —-> lot more slower to refresh & break a big part of my current architecture (around 20 to 50h of work).

      And I am sure it would imply a lot more things for example :
      > It wouldn’t be possible to keep the current layout, and most people like it like this
      –> each widget size would have to be splitted in different sizes for different usage
      > events would be clickable too ? which means if they come from different calendars applications, I would have to launch the good calendar FOR EACH event ???
      > refresh time is important because it refresh the widget during screen rotation (yes, even if you are browsing for example), and I really don’t think you’ll appreciate if your CPU would be busy during 10 seconds to refresh the hidden widget.

      To conclude, I really don’t think I’ll go that way. It implies too much changes.

  7. hi
    yeah, speed is important, so it wouldnt be good to spoil that, but if clicking on any Task simply brought up Gtasks (and not that specific task) then I think that would not be a different target for EACH task, just one target for ANY task. I am not a coder, so I don’t know if this makes technical sense…

    Thanks again for your input and response… its great to have a real, live person who responds!


    1. You can have up to 4 differents providers for each line which can be mixed for 1 day : Google calendar, TouchDown Exchange; Moto Exchange and tasks.
      So, if I go that way, if would mean, each line should be clickable to launch the provider app.

      I let you imagine with something like that :
      Today :
      – task 1
      – event 1 from Google calendar
      – event 2 from TouchDown
      – event 3 from Google calendar.

      I would be unmanageable. For me, it would mean having a completly different design without day date header and with big clickable lines…

  8. First, very nice wigets (I have messenger and now calendar) but I am haing the same issue as several users. When I select the wiget it only opens the calendar. Not too concerned that its not on the correct day, but it will not open gTasks.

    I have three tasks, no events showing and it opens the calender??

    Also you mention the [ask] option but this is only for the + option as far as I can see in the config.

    1. Nop, ‘[ask]’ option if for both ‘+’ and right widget tap. Just select ‘ask’ for application to open on widget tap.

  9. Random thought: any way to have pure calendar sync/interact directly with google tasks instead of needing to use gTasks as a go between? Looks like google JUST updated tasks on google calendar to be treated as one of your calendars.

    i’d really like to ditch gTasks. I dont use the program’s interface. it merely acts as the link between pure calendar and my google tasks.

    1. No for 2 reasons :
      – Google Task API is not public. Nobody knows how gTasks get access to Tasks list.
      – For me, a widget have no purpose to sync by his own.

  10. I saw that you weren’t interested in adding scrolling, just looking at the aniAgenda, they were able to accomplish this with buttons, although I think it could be done cleaner in your widget.

    1. Remember scrolling is possible only with buttons or Home++.

      With buttons, I think this is too slow to be useful (refresh the events list can take 2/4 seconds), and too difficult to implement.
      And adding MORE buttons to Pure calendar, I am against the idea.

    1. they have ‘terms of use’ restrictions : usage is forbidden for commercial usage !
      I asked to WUND by email many times without any answer.
      I also asked for offer to another provider : 2000$/ year / application !!!

      1. That’s too bad.. Looking through these I see NOAA and World Weather Online are both free, maybe they are options?

  11. NOAA : free but only USA -> not ok for me

    World Weather Online : seems to be possible for commercial use & free. No idea if it is reliable & if there is requests rate limitation.

    1. In any case, it would be a big modification, and I need users support on this. So, we’ll see how many people will vote for this suggestions.

    1. Please, submit your idea to vote. But I don’t think this is a good idea. May you should just pick a bigger widget to show all your events…

      1. It is not a problem of easy or not. I receive 10 suggestions per week. I don’t want 200 options in Pure calendar. People are already complaining about too much options.
        So, for me, it needs to be requested by MULTIPLE users, and voting will tell us !

  12. hi koxx3, could you improves the wordwrap of multibytes charset in your pure calendar widgets.

    I have some events, about 10-20 chars, and i use 2*2 size widgets and lines sets to 2, the widgets did a very bad wordwrap —– it starts a new line if there have no space char and the event texts too long…

      1. I dont know how to make a screenshot but i can explain it as below

        for a event “13:00- ABCDEFGHIJKLMN”, these chars(A, B, C, D etc) are not english, they are multibytes.

        with 2 lines mode. it display as:

        i think it should be:
        13:00- ABCDEFGH

      2. well it a word wrapping … so, it cut on ‘ ‘ between works. It’s not a character wrapping.
        But submit it to vote, we’ll see if many people consider it as an issue.

      3. wordwrap is ok for non-multibytes string, but it looks ugly with multibytes string.

        for example i type a multibytes string as below, wordpress support UTF-8 so at least you can see there have not any SPACE between chars.


  13. Hi, I’m using the PureGrid Widget for a few months now and it’s great – unfortuntately ist stopped working with Business Calendar since the upgrade to the new paid version – btw it would be great if you could add Business Calendar to the ” “-button as well
    thanks again for the best calendar widget forn Android …

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