‘Got To Do’ as task provider for Pure calendar

After Astrid and gTasks, Pure calendar is now able to list ‘Got To Do’ tasks (paid version only).

‘Got To Do’ syncs tasks with Toodeldo.
This mix is a very good and powerfull task organizer.

It supports folder and importance filtering.

With Pure calendar, you can see tasks in the widget, add tasks from the widget.
And from the day viewer: view, edit, and create a task (and soon complete a task).

Remember, to access day viewer, press the left part of the day bar:

Links :
Got To Do news


17 thoughts on “‘Got To Do’ as task provider for Pure calendar

  1. Hi! I’ve bought the Legend after the Hero and decided to reinstall the calendar widget on it, as I liked the way it worked on the Hero.
    Now, however I keep getting a “sorry” message every time I tap on the widget to see an event’s details saying: ” The application Pure calendar widget (process org.koxx.pure_calendar) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again,

    So now what? I’d really like to keep using it…

  2. I have the paid got to do and pure calendar. All tasks due for that particular day show up in red like they would show up when over due with Astrid. I also can’t get the folder filters to work. All tasks regardless of folder display on the widget regardless of what folders I exclude.Any thoughts on this? Having this work with your widget is a must lol or I’ll forget about the money I spent and go back to your widget with Astrid

    1. I know for overdue problem with Got To Do, I’ll check that during next days. And I’ll check folder problems too.

  3. I have paid for the pure calendar to integrate both calendar and tasks from Gottodo. However, I am unable to display the GotToDo tasks. I can see that GotToDo is synching with Toodledo and tasks are inserted in Toodledo but nothing displays in Pure Calendar. Tried all the options and none works.

    I have a Samsung Vibrant and GotToDo Lite 1.2.5


  4. Hello, I’ve been using your app for some time & really like it, but I have never been able to get it to display my tasks properly. The priority filter does not seem to work; I want it to only show those tasks that are high priority but all tasks display regardless of what their priority is. This basically makes it useless for tasks as the widget is full of low priority tasks that I don’t need to be reminded about, and I can’t see any calendar events as the widget is too full of tasks!

    I have had to disable showing tasks for now as I still like the functionality of the calendar widget, but this is very disappointing as one of the main reasons I got Pure Calendar was because it displays Got To Do tasks.

    I definitely have selected the correct version of GTD (paid) in the Pure Calendar settings, and I have experimented with various configurations but no luck 😦


    1. This is because GotToDo doesn’t give me the priority information but IMPORTANCE information. Importance is something moving in time depending of constrains.
      I emailed GotToDo dev to request this information, but I didn’t get any return.
      You should contact him to push this request.
      Without this information, I can’t change anything.

  5. Great App. I have Pure Calendar & paid Got To Do as task viewing on widget was a must. One snag, I am not able to see “Due Time” of Got To Do tasks on Pure Calendar (I do have option checked in Pure Calendar & do have due time & date set for some tasks inGot To Do). Thanks for any comments.

      1. Thanks for trying with GTD. I will email too (after all I bought GTD because PC uses it 🙂

  6. Well, Got To Do is no longer in business/development. I use ToodleDo so Got To Do was a great connection to Pure Calendar. Will you consider linking to one of the other ToodleDo oriented application? I’ve been using the trial version of To Do List ( http://www.ToDoList.co ) and so far it does the job. Not sure if others are better, will keep looking. Will miss the Pure Calendar connection though.

    1. Please use the suggestion module to vote for the next task manager introduction 😉
      Next to come is certainly ‘Due today’

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