Pure messenger 1.5.0 with scrollable list available !!!

This is an early beta but a lot of people are requesting it.

So… here it is !

Scrollable widgets with ‘Home++ for Pure’ (thanks to Franck, the Home++ Dev for those modifications).

‘Home++’ is a Home replacement application like dxTop, GDE, HelixLauncher or openHome.
‘Home++ for Pure’ is a modified version of ‘Home++’ which support scrollable widgets.

Here are requirements :
– minimum of Android 1.6 for Home++
– uninstall the Home++ market version
– install this custom ‘Home++ for Pure’ : here

For more explanations : https://koxx3.wordpress.com/pure-messenger-and-home/


14 thoughts on “Pure messenger 1.5.0 with scrollable list available !!!

  1. Pure messenger 1.5 works very well and I love it !

    But the Home++ custom version bugs (force close) every time I send an sms with Handcent SMS.
    I have Android 2.1

    Does anyone else have this problem ?

  2. Hi.

    Why is scrolling feature in messenger/List only available if using home++ and android 1.6 ?

    It would be great to have this feature in native home (HTC Hero/Sense) as page scrolling is unusable (too show to refresh and not friendly)


  3. I am running Droid rooted with Cyanogen rom – everything works wonderfully except the scrolling feature. I am using messenger list 4×3 with scrolling pages checked, but I cannot scroll through my messages. Am I missing something???? Please help, otherwise this is an outstanding app!

  4. The link for the home for pure isnt working i get a http 404 error every time could you email it to me.

  5. Since update pure messenger last week, I misssed widget for home++. if I selected other scrollabel widgets, it doesn’t work. whats the reason.
    b-r- adi

    1. I dropeed Home++ to focus on more advanced and faster Home.
      I strongly advise you to switch to ADW Launcher or LauncherPro.

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