Pure messenger scrollable

a small teaser of Pure messenger with Home++ (home replacement application)

It is not finished :
– it’s currently a bit slow -> better now
– there is no contact picture -> solved
– refresh is not prefect (sometime, it miss a list refresh) -> seems to be solved

Warning, this is not available in the current version.

EDIT 04/24/2010 : now available !!!! https://koxx3.wordpress.com/pure-messenger-and-home/


2 thoughts on “Pure messenger scrollable

  1. I would change my home replacement to Home++ provided that its dev picks up with development and starts fixing its bugs. The development is extremely slow. I cant wait forever. Of course i would like to have scrolling widgets on my home screen, but also i do not like my home to fc all the time.

    1. I fully agree with you… that’s a shame that Home++ developement is nearly in standby 😦
      I’ll see with HelixLauncher to see if we can introduce the same behaviour… this Home app seems promissing and in full developement.

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