Holidays and sports calendars on Android phones

As described previously, Google Holiday & Sports public calendars are not syncables with Android phones (neither on the stock calendar application, neither on my widgets). The issue has already been raised to Google here.

But, good news ! I found a solution.
In fact, you just have to insert a external ICS calendar in your Google agenda (through ‘add by URL’) :


6 thoughts on “Holidays and sports calendars on Android phones

  1. I am looking for a calendar replacement.
    Does Pure Calendar (Grid) have holiday in red (like jorte do)?

    Does the Grid Calender have task list? Do you have a youtube video demo your Calendar / Grid Calender. Is there any discount buying both of them?

    1. Hi,
      yes, it can displays holidays (not in red). Check FAQs.
      It supports tasks from many task manager apps.
      No problem to have and use Pure Cal and Pure Grid cal at the same time, many users do.

      1. Does two widget integrate with each other?

        The GO calendar widget can switch to other view with one click — but it syncs with nothing and require GO Launcher.

      2. No, they doesn’t interact.
        For me, a widget should provide a direct overview and shouldn’t require any action to display requested data. If it needs actions to change the display, then an app is more useful and powerful.

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