Pure calendar and Google Tasks (with gTasks)

You can now see Google tasks activities in Pure calendar thanks to gTasks integration.

I worked with gTasks developer to integrate gTasks as tasks provider.

You can now, view, create and edit tasks from Pure calendar.
gTasks is in charge of sync with Google servers, storage and main UI.

41 thoughts on “Pure calendar and Google Tasks (with gTasks)

  1. I purchased this today due to the task integration. Gtasks is installed and works fine on my HTC Eris. However, the pure calendar widget is not displaying my tasks.

    I have Gtasks (alpha version) selected in the dropdown for my tasks provider. Show tasks on due dates and Show due out tasks on current day are both checked. I unchecked any filters, though it is stated that is needed for Astrid.

    Any thoughts?


      1. Interesting. Went to Market -> My Downloads and Pure Calendar showed an update, but gTasks was not even in the list, even though I verified it was installed and running properly. Updated Pure Calendar and then re-downloaded and installed gTasks. All is well now. Thanks!

    1. Have a better look, in Pure calendar, there is a section about tasks in the configuration panel (not in ‘Pure GRID calendar’).

      1. Being dumb here!

        How do I access the “Pure Calendar” config panel? Through All Programs?

  2. Hey – Thanks for the cool app, gtasks integration is very cool.
    (I just also published this on the gtasks discussion group)

    When I delete a task from gtasks it does not delete from pure calendar widget. I think the only way to remove it is by unistalling gtasks, syncing Pure Cal. and then reinstalling gtasks )-:

    When i mark as complete it works and also when I delete from web and sync gtasks.

    I’m using nexus one.


    i’m using all updated versions.

    1. Yes, Peter told me that today (gTasks developer).
      I think we know the solution, it should be solved in few hours.

  3. The gTasks integration is great! Thank you very much …

    But I have a question, could you integrate a ‘save my settings’ feature into Pure Calendar? I really miss this, because I regularly use Metamorph to swap between different themes. And every time I have to reapply all the widgets (this is the way Metamorph works.
    Pure Calendar has so many settings and I always have to (de)select them all. Such a function would really help me a lot! Thank you…

    1. Hi,
      sorry, but this feature is too difficult too add, and will take me too much time for a too small benefit.

  4. Here’s a suggestion:

    Allow the user to choose what he wants showing up in the widgets selection. There are so many different sizes it clutters up the menu.

    Maybe create a settings screen that opens in the app-panel that lets you choose which size widgets you want showing up.

  5. Nice widget – just bought it due to the gtask integration.

    Feature suggestion:
    I would like to be able to filter which lists (task lists) should be displayed within the widget. Currently it is simply showing all, which does not fit my needs very well. .

    What do you think – is this doable?

  6. Can’t get Pure Calendar to open with gtasks. Is this becuz I installed the widget first before installing Astride or gtasks?

  7. Hi!

    GTasks integration is great. However I have many tasks and I would like to see only tasks with a due date on that date. At the moment the list of tasks is so long that I can’t see any dates anymore.

    1. Hi,
      many people are asking for this option. I think I’ll add it to the next release ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Have htc hero by orange. Could not find pure calendar by searching “pure calendar” but it appeared with search “notes widget”. For those that can’t find it too.

  9. Would it be possible to make the colour of the tasks on the current day, configurable ? I use the transparent calendar theme and with the default blue background on my Magic, the red tasks is a little hard to read.

    Apart from that minor quirk, both apps work working fantastically, thanks for adding this!

      1. Ah! Thanks, I hadn’t seen that page ๐Ÿ™‚

        Fingers crossed for 3 more people!!

  10. I was wondering, I may have completely missed it. If there is a limiter on task lines. I see the one for the agenda, however when tasks show up with gtasks notes it goes automatically to three lines it looks like. I would like to cut it short at one line so I can put very small quick notes. but still have full notes in the text without wasting space.

    Did I miss the option?

      1. I have selected my General limiter to be 1 line, yet the ones with notes are showing up across 3 lines (including the normal line).

        For instance

        Acct 102: Ch1 Homework – 1.5 hrs
        (blank space)

        *Note: There is blank space in my notes.

        As mentioned, I have the option selected at one line.

  11. How do you add tasks with pure calendar? I set up a 4×2 widget, configured it to have my Tasks show, but when I click the + sign it wants to add to my calendar and not my tasks.

    1. Hi,
      which tasks provider did you select ?
      which action did you select for the ‘+’ icon ?
      Do you have the required task application installed ?

      1. I am using gtasks, my tasks are visible, but when I hit “quick event insert” it doesn’t give an option to add to my tasks. How do you select an action for the “+” icon?

  12. I got an update from GTasks today and, since then, tasks do not show up in Pure Calendar for me anymore. I get a message saying that I need to reinstall Pure Calendar AFTER GTasks is installed – I did that (uninstalled and reinstalled Pure Calendar), but still does not work. There is also a note that says that I might need to reboot. I have also tried that – still no good. The integration of calendar and tasks on one screen is the primary feature I like about GTasks. I will be really disappointed if this no longer works.

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