Pure messenger and Gmail labels sync

Archive/Mark as read

On recent phones, there is a problem for syncing conversations/messages labels (‘archive’, ‘mark as read’) if they the order comes from an external application.

So, if you ‘mark as read’ a message from Pure messenger, you will see it as read in the Gmail phone application, and as unread on the Gmail website.

It seems problems are not located in all Android versions :
– Android OS 1.5 to 1.6 : sync works fine
– Android OS 2.0 to 2.1 : labels are not synced between phone and gmail server

Unfortunately, there is no solution. The problem is in the Android OS.


There is another problem with Gmail labels.
If you are used to sync multiple labels with your Gmail app, you may have troubles with the widget (very few Gmail messages visible, phone slow down …)
You need to use the widget system option called ‘Disable Gmail observer’.
It should solve this problem.
The side effect is : you’ll need to set a fixed refresh period for the widget to force it to read new Gmail messages.


24 thoughts on “Pure messenger and Gmail labels sync

  1. “- Android OS 1.5 to 1.6 : sync works fine” => it doesn’t work with CM roms and Roger’s rom, which are both 1.6 roms.

  2. I’m not sure where to post this. but, my problem is I have both the messenger and calendar widgets and they both cause my launcher on my nexus one to crash. I love these widgets and used to use them all the time on my g1. it’s been a few weeks since the 2.1 release. any idea when your widgets will run on it… support for 2.1 would be nice, especially since these are paid apps.

    1. I already had few reports about that problem.
      After few discussions and searches, it seems that those problems are not related to my widgets, but to the launcher (the same thing happen with other widgets with API change).
      Sorry, but it seems to be on the Google side.

      If you can send me a logcat after a crash, I can try to re-analyze if you want.

      1. you are correct -it has been happening with a lot of other widgets -BUT, there haven’t been updates to any of these widgets to make them compatible with the latest version of android. google released the source code for 2.1 a few weeks ago, so shouldn’t the app developers be updating their apps to be compatible with the new api?

  3. This sync problem is the biggest gripe I have with your messaging widget. It is great having all the messages visible on my home screen in one location. However, much as the internal viewer is really nice and I would love to use it, having it not sync with Gmail “read” status makes it unusable. I have to set it so that a tap brings up the standard Gmail viewer, but that does not go directly to the email I tapped on. Really annoying!

      1. This is really bugging me, too.

        I also have GMail Notifier installed, and it is able to directly open a message via the notifications area. Maybe it’s not entirely impossible?

      2. I have never seen such things… but I’ll try “Gmail notifier’ to see if he manage to hack it.

  4. I just found your widgets and love the music player and calendar. I thought I loved this one too until I found this problem. It really makes the widget useless if I’m going to have to check my email twice (once on my phone and then again on my computer to mark it read). I’m going to uninstall and refund until there is a fix.

    1. If there is no solution … there is no solution. Sorry. (By the way, I searched during MANY hours a solution).

      1. I understand. Like I said, I love all your other products, this just loses it’s functionality. The regular Gmail app works correctly and marks messages as read correctly. But when I am using your messenger widget, it causes the app to stop functioning correctly and marking messages as read. If this is a problem on Google/Android end, I hope they fix it soon, because I would really like to use your app for messages & gmail.

  5. It seems that no matter what I set the delete/archive selection under GMail options to, it only deletes the messages. I then have no way to access the deleted messages, as they do not even appear in the Trash.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Really, where are my messages going? Once I hit the ‘delete’ button (set to archive) the messages are totally erased from phone and gmail site.

  6. Hi, I am using newest version of widget with ‘special’ version of gmail.
    I am missing about half of emails from gmail in the widget, does not matter if i use gmail observer or not. Thanks for help!

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