Pure messenger, Facebook and permissions

few people seems to have problem to load permission pages of Facebook from the mobile.

The solution is simple : do not use ‘Dolphin’ browser to open those pages (or if you want to use ‘Dolphin’, set the user agent as ‘Desktop’).

Here is the last skin for Pure messenger …


11 thoughts on “Pure messenger, Facebook and permissions

  1. Salut Francois ,

    I am keen on yours app (pure messenger and calendar), but for a few days I have a display problem on Messenger: I cannot see the background of any skin any more, just the icons. Transparency seems to be locked to 100% regardless of selection. Changing skin or transparency parameters have no effect. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the app: no effect. Reload of skin: no effect.

    – HTC hero – not rooted – last official HTC ROM.
    – last version of pure messenger got from the Market.

    Please help.


      1. Hi Francois,
        Yes, I ticked it, as usual in all versions.
        After unticking it, everything is ok now (skin background is back) !!!
        Strange behavior isn’t ?

        Many thanks anyway.


  2. Not receiving Facebook or Twitter updates through Pure Messenger Widget. Recent app update allowed me to step through the Facebook permission steps without receving any errors like before, but still doesn’t seem to be working. Only way I get Facebook updates is because I have the notification option on Facebook itself set to send a msg to my phone. Any ideas?

  3. I am unable to update the permissions through the default browser or dolphin (just tried it to see if i might get lucky), is there some way to update the permissions on any way other than through the phone?

    also, my phones twitter feeds do not update automatically… i have tried several refresh intervals, but the only twitter feed that shows on the widget is the feed that was pushed through upon the initial set up.

    Moto Droid
    2.0.1 firmware
    smoked glass v5

    1. Hi,

      yes, it seems there is a problem with Facebook Permission page. I’ll check this tonight.
      Did you manage to allow permissions once ? if yes, it’s ok now.

      For tweeter, there is few bugs I have to solve.

      1. I havent been able to get get to the permissions at all. I’ve kept checking to see if maybe itll magically work over different forms of net connection.

      2. I have retried, and it works fine. Just the last page automatically close if permissions are already granted.
        What happen if you tap ‘validate permissions’ ?

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