Merry Christmas !

Here is a screenshot of the last Pure messenger ‘list view’


15 thoughts on “Merry Christmas !

      1. Looks great, installed it today, having a great time playing with it… thanks for all the hard work.

        One thing: the bold top-line seems like overkill for sms/twitter/facebook. The protocol is already indicated by the icon on the right-hand side… so having it say “SMS” at the top seems a little redundant. Would it not be better to have the contact-name in bold, followed by two lines of the message? That way we can read complete twitter messages.

        Also I’m sure you already have it planned, but 4×3 would be awesome. =)

      2. It have to be generic :
        1st line : title
        2nd line : sender
        3rd line : body

        4×3 and 4×4 will come later, but I think it will require a lot of CPU… I took a lot of time to optimize it, and I find it a little bit slow on my G1 (but fine on my Droid)… it will be worse with bigger sizes.

      1. i am sorry for i don’t understand how to get the new one
        i bought it from slideme
        i try to uninstall it and reinstall it from my slideme acc
        it is still the old layout
        Could you tell me step by step?

      2. is that mean i need to buy again via your paypal site to get the new layout?

        After this, i need to buy again if you have any new layout ??

  1. Pure messenger is a great widget. Is there a way to get emails pulled when Droid is in “stand-by” and have a sound notification with a display on the screen to unlock the phone?

    1. Yes, but it seems there is a problem with notification LED on droid.
      For display on ‘unlock screen’, it is absolutly impossible.

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